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Crashes .62
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had an issue with tanning pelts, which possibly led to a server crash.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

I attempted to tan a couple cow pelts in a barrel between some trees. While tanning, I cooked four pots of cow steak on a gas cookstove on a medium bottle, directly adjacent to the barrel.

On the third pot, I checked the barrel, and saw that the pelts and both bags of lime had vanished; the other items remained in place, and were freely able to be placed where the pelts and lime had been.

I emptied the barrel into a nearby Blue Mtn backpack, and attempted to pick up the barrel. I picked it up, but had no other available actions. Upon attempting to throw the barrel, it glitched into the one-handed carry animation.

I logged out and attempted to re-log, and the server went down, kicking my friend who was also playing on that server.

Additional Information

Pelts and lime disappeared instead of completing tanning process.

Server remains offline for over ten minutes taken creating this report.

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