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Koth issues GPS is useless (both of them)
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No kick option when another player steals your helicopter.

Duplicate gps''s with no info whatsoever. No team players on gps, no zone shown. Having no team members displayed means if you hear footprints you need to turn 360 o to see if it's your guy or enemy. If flying heli in hardcore you can't see if everyone is on board. Or to see if your dropping in the zone. Being able to see team around you for moving as a group. Can't see downed team members as in red star. Gps is useless in Koth now. Can't see who's talking on GPS.

Range finder button unessesary.


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Windows 10

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KOTH isnt made by BI. Pls contact the server hoster or mission maker.

Im pretty sure BI should fix this as their GPS broke it

The GPS Screen shows the map. Are the Markers seen on the map?

Yeh GPS in part of the game overall. It was fine til the jets dlc with I don't even play. I only play hardcore infantry. So makes GPS redundant now and game frustrating. It needs team members shown on it again and zone, and spawn indicator and zone. Which is missing now.

The GPS Screen shows the map. Are the Markers seen on the map?

Yes the markers are seen on the map.