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I guess this is more of a question than a bug but from what I have been observing sometimes when I go into cities or spawn in there will be a massive number of 20+ infected in the city on an empty server and if I go to a full server I can run from city to city and it does not happen (more normal like 12). I get this a lot and was just wondering is that do to no one else on the server so they spawn extra on me. I guess it would be a good thing and give people who play on empty servers more of a challenge, but was just wondering.


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Hello theclassifiedrebel.
Currently, there is a certain limit on the amount of infected that can spawn on the server. When you are alone on the server and trigger the infected spawn, the server will spawn the maximum amount of infected that can be in that area, however, when there are more players on the server the infected are distributed between those players. Therefore you may encounter more infected when you are on the server alone as they are not spread between more players.

OK, that is what I thought but I was told that it did not work like that by another player. It makes more sense to me for it to be that way for if you log into a low pop server thinking it will be easier you will probably be met with more AI challenges thus balancing out server difficulty, that is awesome. I noticed it when I was playing on EXP (empty servers) to help test for a bit and came back to stable to get more PVP for a bit and felt like there were no infected around compared to low/empty servers. So just really wanted to know straight from the source whether or not I was losing my mind and thinking that was happening or if it really was. Once again, thanks for the input and the quick reply.