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Showcase gunship cannot be completed as intended because of new missile/sensor system
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(summary: Skalpel can't lock on vehicles with their engine off, turret movement does not turn it on, firing a 155mm (!) does not produce enough heat for the missile to be able to lock on, AND, the gunship is not equipped with a laser designator)

Hello, I just played the gunship showcase to try out the brand new sensor suite and ran into a quite frustrating problem that took me a few minutes to pin down through trial and error.

The Skalpel is unable to lock on a vehicle with its engine off.
"Working as intended" I'll hear you say, "No heat produced, no IR lock".
But in that case the missile should be able to be locked on after the vehicle fired a bit. But the 155mm of the Scorcher does not seem to produce heat (or they're clever enough that they space their shots sufficiently).

In this particular mission, you're equipped with a 30mm cannon and Skyfires efficient for killing infantry, MRAPs and APCs. So apart from the Skalpel no real way to deal with the Scorchers or the Cheetah. Which are both non lockable as they don't produce any significant heat.

Thus you can not complete the mission unless you go rearm several times and empty your 30mm APDS over and over again.

For an anti tank Gunship like the Kajman, the inability to kill tanks is kind of problematic :p


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Start up Showcase Gunship and try to complete it in a decent time.

Additional Information

Ways to solve this issue:
_(Revert back to) Turret movement turns on the engine (at least for vehicles with big turrets such as Artillery, Tanks and AA armor)
_Make sure firing generates significant heat
_Get the vehicles equipped with missiles laser designators (very common in 2017, probably ubiquitous in 2035)
_Improve the 30mm and/or the Skyfires damage to armor. (problem might arise in other IR missiles equipped vehicles)

Do not:
_Just turn on the engines for the vehicles for this Showcase as the problem will arise outside of this particular scenario.

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arziben created this task.May 1 2017, 8:02 PM

I think it's solved now

arziben added a comment.EditedAug 24 2017, 7:25 AM

I think it's solved now

Correct, I was able to complete the entire mission without issue, it seems that just disabling the Scorchers is enough aswell.

Don't know how they fixed it but I can confirm the showcase:gunship is operational.