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Can't access server from same Steam account on Multiple computers
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I have 2 computers I play DayZ on

I use the same Steam account and want to connect to the same server

On one computer I can select the server and log in okay

On the second computer, it wait just after clicking the Connect button on the server browser, then there's the Connecting screen and then I go back to the Sever browser screen with the popup dialog box message 'Connect Connecting Failed. Okay'

Only one steam is logged in at a time, only one DayZ is running and trying to connect

The first machine is a Windows 7 machine
The second machine (that failing machine) is a windows 10 Machine with CU update

I have cleaned down and completely re-installed the Windows 10 machine (I don't know where it's remembering my 'favourites')


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Windows 7 and Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Install Steam on second PC

Install DayZ on second PC

Try to play

Can't connect to a server that's been used by the first PC

Additional Information

I have reformatted and re-installed Windows, all driver updates, Steam and DayZ on the second computer (the Windows 10 machine)

It remembers my favourites

It will not let me connect to the specific server


I have disconnected BEC from the server
I have restarted the server

It's like there's a triple lock and details jept on the account

Additionally. It seems that once the Windows machine has been locked out by a Users account, any other steam instances on that machine (and seperately licenced DayZ instances) will not connect to the locked out server

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Hello Spaggie and thank you for the report.
It is not possible to play DayZ on the same server on two computers from one Steam account due to your characters being tied to the Steam account (this means that the two clients would attempt to connect to the same character, which is not possible and results in connecting failed on one of the clients).

Spaggie added a comment.EditedApr 24 2017, 10:44 AM

Hi @Geez !!

Yes, I understand that.

But if I play on a server, for example in the evening on one machine, and log out (which sometimes crashes at the DayZ blank black screen)

And turn that computer off and go to bed

The next day (and there's been a server reset in the night)

I should be able to play on the second machine logging into the same Steam and playing the same DayZ GUID
In this moment I get a 'Can't connect' on that server

I can play another Steam+DayZ instance on that server

ie, sam Steam User, dfifferent PC, no concurrancy

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Hello Spaggie.
Do you also have the same issue if you attempt to join a server thats different from the one you have joined previously on the other computer? Also, do you have the Steam Cloud synchronisation enabled on the second computer?

Hello gorgeous

I can log into other servers okay

I do have "Enable Steam Cloud synchronisazation for applications which support it" Enabled
I tried disabled and still got 'Can't Connect' though

I have no idea how anything works, but it feels like the GUID

If you need to know me GUID or the server in question you could DM me on Twitter @Spaggie

Strange huh

Geez added a comment.Apr 25 2017, 11:56 AM

Hello again Spaggie.
We have tested the issue internally but so far we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. Can you try to reproduce the issue again and then send us the server IP of the server where you have tried so we can try to take a look into the server logs? Also if it is not an issue, can you write down the exact steps on how you are reproducing the issue? (for example 1. Launch the DayZ client, 2. navigate to the server browser, 3. join server xyz, 4. dont move the character and disconnect... etc.).

Ah, you guise, thanks for exploring

The server is (my private hive server)

the attempted connection doesn't seem to show on RCON

on a machine I don't usually use for DayZ (no one else uses it for anything)
I log into my normal Steam account
I start DayZ
I go to server browser
I search for 'Spaggie'
I click to connect
There's a long pause at the black and white Novo picture
There is no loading progress bar
after about a minute DayZ goes back to the server browser with the message 'Can't Connect'

I have no virus scanner on this machine and have disabled the windows firewall

My normal gaming machine is right next to it and works okay

I have completely re-installed windows on the failing machine and re-installed BEC etc
On a failed login I do not see the connection attempt in DaRT (which isn't always accurate)

I've tried disabling BEC on the server (and can do again if you need)
The server is private and not whitelisted

It's really wierd

I should be able to turn one PC off, ove to another and carry on right?

Thanks for your help doods

Geez added a comment.Apr 25 2017, 2:04 PM

Thank you Spaggie.
Can you also send us the link to your Steam profile?

I have several and a DayZ in each

Heres my main one, this locks out

I'm drawing the line at sending you duck pics mmmkaay?


Geez added a comment.Apr 25 2017, 4:14 PM

Hello Spaggie.
Can you check if you are experiencing this issue also on other servers than yours? And if so, can you check if connecting the win 10 machine first (to any server) and then turning it off and connecting the win 7 machine afterwards changes anything about the behaviour of the issue?

Spaggie added a comment.EditedApr 25 2017, 10:00 PM

Hi Geez

It's getting weirder

I put a brand new user on the windows 10 machine (Creators Update)
I put a new Steam with a new account on it
I put a new version of DayZ (separate install directory)

So effectively a whole new User on a machine with multiple Users

And tried to connect to my server (above) and got 'Can't Connect'

So a brand spanking new User couldn't connect, never been used before (I did have to re-accept the BattleEye licence)

So then I went back to main account (above) and still go 'Can't connect'
(Going back to main account means swapping windows User, I run mutliple Users with a Steam and a DayZ in each) Log out and then log in to the other one

It suddenly felt like it was a machine specific problem
(the other machine seems to always connect to servers)

I tried connecting to a few other servers (Voltaire for instance) and got in but immediately kicked 'You have been kicked', I wanted to use a public server for a test

So, I

Reset the router
Hard set a NAT IP and hard coded the gateway and Google DNS
I deleted the other User accounts
I ran some registry cleans and some windows junk file removers
I generally pushed everything to cut the machine back to a clean single User machine (it's not a Microsoft account, it's a local account)

And I just logged in to my server and it seemed fine

It's getting late now
But tomorrow I'd like to put some more Users back on this machine, put their Steams and DayZs in and see if it stops working again

Could battleeye or something be shared somehow on a Windows 10 machine different to a Windows 7 machine?

Ah man, this is knotty

I'll let you know what happens when I put more Users on this PC and swap into one of them

I just tried connecting this fresh new account to my server on the Windows 7 machine and it's gone 'Can't connect'

Connected to The Zombie Chef server (public) okay

So it's like the first machine in gets it

I dunno

The main account (above) wont connect to my server on the windows 7 machine now

I dunno

It's an either / or somehow to do with the server I feel

This morning, both machines have been off overnight

The situation from last night persists on the main account

The Windows 7 returns 'Can't Connect' when trying to connect to
And the Windows 10 machine connects fine to

Okay here's another strange thing

Additionally, before turning the Windows 10 machine on
I connected the Windows 7 on the main account to Multiplay :: The Blue Army (Public)
I selected the server in the server list
All Okay

I turned on the Windows 10 machine
And Connected to the server (character retrieved) all ok
BUT I connected by the IP and NOT selecting from the server list

I logged out and tried connecting by the server list
And got 'Can't Connect'

So it seems the WAY I connect to a server has some impact ?

Geez added a comment.Apr 26 2017, 1:44 PM

Hello Spaggie.
So you have two different Steam accounts on two different computers (and also, there are other Steam accounts running on the computers on other user accounts?), connect to your server from computer+account A, disconnect and then launch dayz from computer+account B. Then, when you attempt to join the server you get a connecting failed message?

Spaggie added a comment.EditedApr 26 2017, 4:13 PM


Sorry, I'm a mess in my linear thinking

I have two computers
Both computers have multiple Steam Accounts
Each Steam Account has a seperate DayZ instance (seperate files)

On computer 1 I log into a Steam Account and play DayZ and then log out and turn the machine off

I turn on the second computer, log into that same steam account and run DayZ, this will say 'Can't Connect' to the server I just exited on computer 1

The Can't Connect persists for a long time

Geez added a comment.Apr 27 2017, 11:31 AM

Hello Spaggie.
We have enabled additional logs on your server so we can gather more information about the issue. Could you try to reproduce the issue again and let us know asap so we can check the server logs again?

Hello Gorgeous

Okay so on Steam Account:

I turned on Windows 7 machine, set IGN to Spaggie - Win7 and tried to connect to
Can't Connect

I shut down DayZ and Steam

I turned on Windows 10 machine, set IGN to Spaggie - Win10CU and tried to connect to
worked okay
Reconnected, 25 second spawn timer
connected okay
I turned off steam and DayZ

Back on the Spaggie - Win7 machine
I tried to connect to
Can't connect

The Windows 10 machine now has control of this account it seems
(I've been playing DayZ on the Windows 7 machine for probably 2 years I guess)

Geez added a comment.Apr 27 2017, 2:57 PM

Thank you.
We will take look at the logs as soon as possible and get back to you once we have more information.

Okay you magnificent bastard

So I copied the DayZ My Documents configs directory from the windows 10 (works) to the Windows 7 (can't connect)

And uninstalled and reinstalled DayZ files in steam

And then the Windows 7 machine connected to the server
And the Windows 10 machine connects to the server

I'm at a loss

(Is battle eye fingerprinting config files or something ?)

I can't get it to say 'Can't Connect' now

I've even changed the config files on the Win10 machine
And then logged into DayZ on the Win7 machine

This is all on that same account (above)

I'll try a different steam account that's on both machines a bit later

I have no idea what it is
or indeed was now

Played again this morning

Can log in on both machines without problem

I have no idea

Geez changed the task status from Need More Info to Assigned.EditedApr 28 2017, 9:27 AM

Hello Spaggie.
We are glad to hear that the issue no longer occurs. I will keep the ticket open for now, keep us updated and let us know in case the issue has returned or in case you ran into an issue that might be related to the previous behaviour.


I wanted to come back to this because I think I might have found a clue as to what it all might have been caused by

I was messing around with disk configs and finding some flaky sectors on the Windows 7 machine (Raid 0 SSD 2x500GB Samsung Evo)

They seem to touch into the directory entries for the DayZ config directory in Users

It feels like the Users DayZ directory might have been unreadable and unwritable on the Windows 7 machine occasionally

I don't know if this is what it was, but wanted to tell

I've swapped the drives out now and everything continues to be fixed

I could 'do something' with the Users DayZ configs directory if you want, lock it out or something if you wanted me to test further (though I dont like breaking things that are working)

Thanks Geez and all of you
DayZ is a beautiful thing, you guys should be super proud

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Hello Spaggie.
We are glad to hear that the issue has been resolved and we thank you for letting us know. At this moment, we do not require any additional testing from your side. Since the issue no longer occurs, I am going to resolve the ticket, but feel free to contact us here in case the issue has returned or submit a new ticket in case you run into any other issues in the future.