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Game Updater impossible to use with ADSL or slower Internet Speeds
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The Game Updater is almost impossible to use with ADSL or slower Internet speeds. The current public developer snapshot branch apparently updates every 24 hours. It requires more than 18 hours to download the current 26GB developer sized repository and if a new snapshot is made during the client's update, this then resets or breaks the local Game Update process; requiring the client to fully retry downloading the entire 26GB archive from the beginning.


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Windows 7 x64
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WORKAROUND: Clients should possibly attempt only updating on the weekends, or planned-down time or company days-off.

WORKAROUND: Possibly only push every two day snapshots on the public developer branch?

The best workaround, would be to more closely mimmick a true CVS, Subversion, or GIT updating mechanism; preventing having to re-download the entire 26GB archive and only update the files requiring updating.

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rogerx created this task.Apr 18 2017, 6:53 AM

Perhaps give users the option to set their OWN update schedule?

As with all developer snapshots or developer source code trees, the very latest is the best to file a bug against.

My guess is that the Game Updater probably already has minimal network usage feature already planned within it's own development cycle, but seemingly has been forgotten about. With pushing 26+ GB for downloading daily snapshots, it's inevitable that they will eventually have to make the Game Updater a little smarter, instead of just downloading 26+ GB daily!

I was lucky finally after a 2+ years of not fully downloading successfully using the Game Updater, to finally download a version successfully as they apparently have a corporate day off. (Or, they finally resolved this problem which is doubtful.)

Last night I used the Game Updater and the updater downloaded ~13 GB of the total approximate ~26 GB developer snapshot/archive, although I have not used the Game Updater (or synced) the archive for almost ~2 weeks. Seems a bit high unless they're updating all the graphics. I'll try checking this again within 7 days, or next weekend.

At least I'm now able to get the entire developer branch or 26 GB archive during weekends.

The game updater bases on steamcmd. Just like when you update the game through your Steam. The main Problem is that Arma consists of packages. They are already pretty small. The last dev branch updates were about 500MB to 1GB. The point is the size depends on what pakages there is a update. All PBOs have intersecting Functions or assets. That means if the hunt down a bug they maybe need to update 10 or 20 PBOs and then you have a update size of 10GB.
If you have to download much more than the Dev branch every time then check why steamcmd is not recognizing your existing data.