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Spinning Truck Trap
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Recently, I drove down the coast in my nice blue truck. Unfortunately, some strange glitch pulled me off the road and plopped me on top of the railroad tracks. Being late at night, I was determined to come back the following night to see if truck was still there. It was and I was able to get it off the tracks, that is when the fun started. My friend came in the server and drove over to see me spinning around, My friend shot arrows into the truck, but that only moved me to a different area and spun me faster. He tried again, same result. Finally one arrow made the truck flip up and bury itself in the beach. I reloged, my truck was gone, but I was ok.

I was on the coastal highway south of Berezino when this all happened. I do know that it wasn't my computer this time as I replaced the potato I used to own.


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Windows 10 x64
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0.61 stable

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Hello DesertRat and thank you for the report.
So when you were in the vehicle and your friend saw you spinning around, was the vehicle stationary on your screen or did it spin as well?

I had view of spinning both in third and first person views. My last views after the truck disappeared in the ground was at ground level. I have managed to extract the spinning visible when my friend drove up, but I am still getting an upload failure message.

Geez added a comment.EditedApr 19 2017, 10:35 AM

Hello DesertRat.
How many wheels were on the v3s? As it appears on the video it does not have all the wheels? And if the vehicle did have all the wheels, have you tried to take the wheels off the vehicle and check their state(damaged/ruined etc)?

Hi, still having trouble with trucks. The one tonight would not steer after using it 10 minutes. My FPS was 125 but truck was driving all over the place, I could only control speed to a certain point - the only way I could get truck to stop jiggling was to get out. At one time, the truck held me prisoner, it wouldn't let me walk away.