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And Hell Rode In On A Two-Wheeled Sedan
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Mission: To test the new vehicle physics

Task: Drive a sedan with less than 4 wheels

Sedan performed somewhat as expected on 3 wheels. When only 1 back wheel was present the sedan would veer towards the one power wheel. Using a single front wheel the sedan failed to move at all (though it probably should, but with more veer toward the missing wheel)

Things get very interesting when you start using only two wheels.

Using only two back wheels is a great way to do doughnuts! The car goes into an uncontrollable left spin, leaving perfect circles of burnt rubber on the tarmac. Only thing is... it won't stop. Going into reverse, a higher gear setting, to neutral, cutting off the engine, hitting the brakes... nothing seems to stop it. I'm not sure how, but eventually it ceased. And I managed to hang onto my Crunchin Crisps.

Use only two front wheels and the real fun begins. The hang on for dear life and pray you don't fly off a cliff kind of fun. The car becomes possessed by the kind of character that made Stephen King famous. Simply stepping on the accelerator for a moment in first gear sends the sedan into a rampage of terror.

The car moved at great speed in seemingly random directions, obviously bent on my destruction and that of all bambi-kind. It was like a mad bull in a china shop with a floor like an ice flow. There is no terror in DayZ quite like it! It was pure non-frictional terror unleased!

Nothing short of a plunging headlong into a river would stop it (which is what eventually happened to me after 15 minutes of nail biting, gag-reflex controlling madness).

I am happy to report that drowning does kill this demonic entity. Oh holy are the waters of Chernarus!


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find sedan
  2. Remove two wheels on front/back end
  3. Get into driver's seat
  4. Turn Engine On
  5. Put sedan into gear
  6. Press Accelerate
  7. Pray ... or scream uncontrollably
  8. Laugh hysterically if you survive
  9. Purchase T-shirt with "I survived the DayZ Sedan" complete with wheel-less Sedan picture and hellfire background
  10. Join Club
Additional Information

It was that crazy.

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Hello j.lawrence.omar and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

There is a workaround for this bug, have found it tonight: just take passenger's seat and the car immediately stops. :)

So the way to stop it is to surrender control? That is so zen. :D

DayZ is all about Zen, didn't you know? Another thousand hours in the game – and I will be able to play on the iron flute without holes. ;)