Bad Japanese translation in Bootcamp And Karts Update
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As I said, Japanese scripts in Bootcamp Campaign/Some of VR Training/Karts and few more (language_f_bootcamp, languagemissions_f_bootcamp, language_f_kart and languagemissions_f_kart), are totally silly, unreadable, just bad.
Here are some of it in languagemissions - just few of Bootcamp campaign things.

  • General
    • Use "%" (em-sized) but not "%" so format cannot show texts correctly.
    • Different translation for Names both of person and city
      • In EPA(STR_A3_CfgIdentities_MacKinnon) "マキノン", in Bootcamp "マッキノン"
      • In EPA(STR_A3_CfgIdentities_Akhanteros) "アカンテロス", in Bootcamp "アクハンテロス"
      • In map(str_a3_kavala0) "カヴァラ", in Bootcamp "カバラ"
      • In map(str_a3_syrta0) "サイトラ", in Bootcamp "シルタ" or "シルテ" especially this makes confusion.
    • Silly translations for some words
      • "How copy?" translated as "どうやって?" which means "How should I (do it)?" should be "了解か?" or "いいか?" - the second one is featured in EPA.
      • "American" translated as "アメリカン" or "アメリカん", especially the second one it totally silly, should be "アメリカ人"
      • Completely mistranslations for "Over." and "Out." - they translate "Over." as "以上。" which means "Out.", "Out." as "行け。"(Go.) or "出ろ。"(Get out.)
        • "Over." is translated as "どうぞ。", "Out." is translated as "以上。" in EPA.
      • "Greenbacks" translated as "グリーンバック" or "グリーンバックス" - and as I said in str_a3_boot_m05_45_aftermath_lac_7 translated as "ドル紙幣"(dollar bill) omfg
        • This is translated as "グリーンバックス" in EPA.
      • This is small thingy... but "1-2 Actual" => "1-2アクチュアル" hmm this is not bad but also not so cool.
        • In Apex, "Northstar Actual" => "ノーススター・アクチュアル"
    • Not unified translate for leader - "..." or "…" especially str_a3_boot_m01_05_turn_on_ada_0
      • "…" is used in EPA.
    • Some of sctipts overlapped period (。。) - e.g. str_a3_boot_m02_70_hold_breath_ada_0, str_a3_boot_m04_bis_roe_desc
  • Mistranslations of single scripts
    • str_a3_boot_m04_03_checkpoint_ada_1
      • "It's coming up on 20 minutes since their convoy was supposed to pass through there." => "部隊がここを通過してから恐らく20分経っている。"(The convoy passed here probably 20 minutes ago.)
        • This is totally mistranslation, pretty polar!
    • str_a3_boot_m02_d01_hello_world_ada_1
      • (Yeah, )"Right?" => "右?"(Direction of right)
    • str_a3_boot_m05_briefing_execution_text
      • "1. Await <marker name = 'BIS_reinf'>the reinforcements</marker>.<br/>2. Report in with Broadway." => "1:待て<marker name = 'BIS_reinf'>援軍</marker>。<br/>2。ブロードウェイに報告しろ。" as you can see "Await" and "the reinforcements" translated each parts.
        • Its not so serious thing but "1." and "2." are "1:" and "2。"
    • str_a3_boot_m05_d01_hate_ada_0
      • "Hearts and minds, Sergeant. Hearts and minds..." => "心です、軍曹。心か..."(It's a mind, Sergeant. A mind or...)
        • I don't know how to translate it - but this is not for it. Should translate as "Calm down-" or some appease words?
    • str_a3_boot_m05_05_situation_ada_0
      • "Multiple KIA. AAF and FIA. The survivor didn't make it." => "複数KIA。AAFとFIA。生存者はそれをしなかった。"(The survivor didn't do it.) "The survivor didn't make it" means "He's gone(dead).", so this is not the translation for it.
    • str_a3_boot_m04_bis_secure_desc
      • "Secure %1the convoy's position%2 in preparation for incoming friendly reinforcements." => "優しい援軍に備えて%1部隊の位置%2を確保しろ。" 優しい means friendly, kindly
    • str_a3_boot_m04_x05_wounded_player_lac_0
      • "We've got wounded over here!" => "我々は負傷している!"(We are wounded!)
    • str_a3_boot_m04_70_move_up_ada_0
      • "Move up! Stick to cover! Watch the trees!" => "上に移動!カバーから目を離すな!木を見ろ!" "上に移動" means "Go (vertical) up", "カバーから目を離すな" means "keep an eye to cover".
    • str_a3_boot_m03_115_right_1_ada_0
      • "Take the right coming up." => "来る権利を取る。" "権利" means right, claim, title
    • str_a3_boot_m02_bis_assemble_desc
      • "Run to %1the target%2 and assemble it." => "%の1theターゲット%2に実行し、それを組み立てる。" ... I just can't believe it
    • str_a3_boot_m02_briefing_situation_text
      • "Peacekeeping efforts continue in The Republic of Altis and Stratis following the Civil War. <omit> " => "平和維持の努力は南北戦争以降 <omit>" "南北戦争" means "American Civil War (1861-1865)"
    • str_a3_boot_m04_01_start_bhq_6
      • "There's your ride." => "お前の車だ。" "車" is "a car", not a MH-9 or a helicopter.
    • Some of texts are inconsistent styles - there are few examples
      • str_a3_boot_m03_x50_closed_map_2_ada_0
        • "Conway, stop messing around. Show us your map." => "コンウェイ、ふざけるな。地図を見せてください。" "-ください。" means "- please?" this is not the style for angry
      • str_a3_zone_restriction_warn_has_leader_ada_0
        • "Sergeant, where are you going?" => "軍曹、どこへ行くのですか?" "-ですか?" is polite style for question
      • str_a3_boot_m02_x25_long_3_reprimand_ada_0
        • "Sergeant, seriously, it's just in front of you. By the fence." => "軍曹、本当に、目の前ですよ。フェンスのそばに。" "-ですよ" is polite style for point

For honor of translator (maybe not exist but), here is a nice and the coolest translation in langagemissions.

  • str_a3_boot_m05_45_aftermath_lac_5
    • "The hell it is! Corporal, arrest them." => "あるに決まってんだろ!伍長、あいつらを逮捕しろ。"(Of course it is! Corporal, arrest them.)
      • Maybe use "拘束"(usually used by government, law, or military) instead of "逮捕"(used by police) to more cool.

I spent all my energy to create this - but wait, there's more! Shit, I am tired and can't do it anymore... - Maybe they are all translated by Google or other machine translation service - these are just few of them.
I quote Adams' script to end this feedback.

but this guy? This guy's a special kind of fuckwit.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Become Japanese or learn Japanese.
  2. Set the language to Japanese.
  3. Enjoy the Bootcamp or VR Training.
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I missed the fact somehow, but Japanese translation of Karts is also ugly.
Reports will be available in a week maybe.

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Here are some reports.

  • General
    • Yet another %.
  • Mistranslations of single scripts
    • STR_A3_GridDistances2_sub
      • "<omit>each grid represents%3 100 m%4%1%2Zooming out further will increase the scale to%3 1 km<omit>" => "各グリッドは%3100m%4で表示されています。%1%2さらに%31km、または1クリック%4まで拡大できます。%1%2最小ズームレベルでは、各グリッドを%310km%4" so format is fucked.
    • STR_A3_ChangeStances2_sub
      • "As standing units are easily seen and hit,<omit>" => "立っている部隊は簡単に知覚し撃つことが出来るため"(Standing units can detect and shoot easily) this won't show what is the pros for kneel and prone.


  • General
    • You can guess. %.
    • "Competitors" translated as "ライバル"(rival(s)), usualy used for "another, opponent competitors (not you)". There is no rival, so should be "You", "Driver" or something.
    • Sometimes "Arma 3" translated as "アルマ3". Why not just "Arma 3"?
      • Relating to this, "Arma 3 Karts DLC" is "アルマ3ゴーカートのDLC".
  • Mistranslations of single scripts
    • STR_A3_dlc_debriefing_session_time
      • "Session time: %1h %2m %3s" => "セッション時間:%1時間%2分%3秒" wtf, this can't show anything!
      • Same goes with STR_A3_dlc_debriefing_total_time.
    • str_a3_cfgmagazines_6rnd_greensignal_f1
      • "Type: Flare Slugs - Green&lt;br /&gt;Rounds: 6&lt;br /&gt;Used in: Starter Pistol" => "タイプ:フレアスラッグ―グリーン&lt;brの/&gt;のラウンド:6 &lt;br /&gt;次で使用:スターターピストル"
        • As you can see, this is not sorted style for this and bad "の". To compare, here is the STANAG one: "口径:5.56x45 mm STANAGトレーサー - 黄&lt;br /&gt;弾薬:30&lt;br /&gt;使用:TRG-20、TRG-21/EGLM、Mk20/C/EGLM、SDAR、SPAR-16"
      • Same goes with str_a3_cfgmagazines_6rnd_redsignal_f1.
    • str_a3_cfghints_premiumcontent_premiumbundle1
      • "Save more than 25&amp;#37; and complete your Arma 3 experience.<omit>" => "25&amp;#37;以上を保存してアルマ3のエクスペリエンスを完了します<omit>" 保存(save, maintain, storage) is not used for price down.
        • Also "アルマ3" should just "Arma 3". Why not?
        • "お得" is used in STR_A3_dlc_bundle_description_text.
    • STR_A3_dlc_vehicle_entry_prevention_text
      • "<omit>Purchase it to enter this vehicle." => "購入してこの車両を入力してください。" 入力(enter, input) is not for get in.


  • General
    • Needless to say.
    • Same diffrent translation problem, "Kavala" or something.
  • Mistranslations of single scripts
    • str_a3_time_trials_hint_results_penalty1
      • "Check Points missed:" => "チェックポイントを逃しました。"((You've just) missed a check point.) not for the result.

Ofcourse, these are just few from stringtable.xml(s).

I am creating some better translations for Bootcamp campaign due to there is no news about this problem.

Better Translations MOD is now on.
It will fix the campaign only for now.

Thanks, I am monitoring this thread and fixing it in-game is planned, I however cannot say when exactly. Thank you for this, though!