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DynamicSimulation: Infantry cannot be killed outside activation range.
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Infantry cannot be killed when 'deactivated' using Dynamic Simulation, they only die when a player re-activates them.

The units can be seen to take damage, but never fall down.

Vehicles work as expected and are able to be destroyed.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Editor, place player vehicle (HMG/GMG).
  2. Place infantry group outside of the default activation zone (+500m)
  3. Start mission and shoot infantry, they will not die.
  4. Drive within 500m of the units and they will all fall down.
Additional Information

This makes it difficult for mission makers to use this great feature effectively. Any group of players who happen to spot and engage a deactivated group before they are activated will view the mission as faulty not realising that Dynamic Simulation is active.

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would you mind providing some simple repro mission to demonstrate the issue?

2600K added a comment.Mar 21 2017, 5:25 PM

Here you go. Start mission, shoot the infantry group, they won't die. Shoot the vehicle and it'll blow up.

The problem is: is it serious to be able to see non simulated units???? I used the BI simulation manager module and it's far more convenient for at least these reasons:

  • it's reversible, units appear/ disappear along with distances of players;
  • you can't see what is sim disabled;
  • units are easily excluded of this feature by adding a variable name (so the module considers them as permanent)
  • you can decide if air AI assets are excluded or not.

For CPU saving consideration and mission making with editor, this "old" module is a must, regardless of dynamic simulation which is disappointing.