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64b exe freezes the game on custom unitInfoType/scripted vehicle interface
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It seemed similar to the freeze STHUD from ShackTac:

However changing ptsPerSquareSea in a custom Minimap class didnt help for us.

NOTE: 1) 100% reproducible 2) Happens for everyone 3) 32b exe is fine


Operating System
Windows 10
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Subscribe to IFA3_AIO_LITE:
  2. Get also CUP Terrains - Core:
  3. Delete the ww2_assets_c_vehicles_unitinfotypehotfix.pbo in .\@IFA3_AIO_LITE\addons
  4. Start the game with the 64b exe
  5. Launch the editor
  6. Place a WW2 tank from IF3
  7. Start mission
  8. Get in as driver/gunner/commander

Notice how the game becomes unresponsive/freezes and only ALT F4 to close the game helps.

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crash is caused by wrong data set as Map with scale = 0;

note: must be fixed by content author

as 32b exe does not crash with it, this should NOT be considered "wrong data"

also when does have 0 values in config parameters not been valid..