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Crash - whole player dupe bug
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My friend and I were heading to one of our tentw driving full speed down the runway at NWAF. Both of our screens went black and then had the "You are dead" message and the message attached to this report. We both spawned some distance from each other and then our screens went black again and the game crashed and has to be rebooted.

When we get back in the same server, we are both at the beginning of the runway, however we could not see the truck as we were far from the tent area, (we didn't expect the truck to be around anyway).

When I got to the tents, I could hear a truck running. So I ran over and began shooting the two characters outside until I realized that they were us duped. We could take pulse, tie ourselves up and take gear, (what wasn't ruined from me putting carbine rounds through the duped players.


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Hello DesertRat and thank you for the report.
The error message has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix. As for the other issue with duplicated characters, we are going to test the issue internally, in case the issue occurs again in the future and you come across any information related to the issue, please let us know here. Also upon the second crash, has there been any error message shown? And is it possible that the server has restarted during/after the second client crash / reboot?

Sorry for long wait for reply, as far as we know, there was no server crash at any time. Usually Dayz Spy marks a server restart on the timeline. We were able to immediately go back in after the second crash w/no error message.

Well, it happened again, about the same place but on the taxiway on north side of runway. This time, when I respawned and my screen went black, I did not find my self near the car, I was at the last place I got out of the car.

My friend that just exited the game and went back in and was at the car. He had no duped character. My character was still in the car, however there was no interaction with my duped character - even after we parked for the night, (I even had to ride in the back behind myself{F53962}.

My friend's video of the incident.

Geez added a comment.Mar 20 2017, 11:57 AM

Thank you DesertRat.
It appears we have found the cause of the behaviour shown in your friends video (death in vehicle and respawning next to the vehicle afterwards) and it has been scheduled for a fix. We are still continuing to test the issue with duped characters.

Geez added a comment.Mar 30 2017, 10:42 AM

Hello DesertRat.
A fix for the error message has been released in yesterdays stable patch. Please let us know here in case the error message has appeared even after the fix.