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Vehicles glitched under map reappear when another vehicle drives by
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First issue: vehicles can glitch under the map, for example when you're sliding down a hill. The only way to save a player in this situation is to kick him from the server. Logging out normally will kill the player.

Second issue: this vehicle is seemingly lost, but when another player drives by that location, it will magically reappear on the map. So the vehicle collision might have something to do with that.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Happened at Krasnostav, mountain at Ostry sliding towards NEAF. Truck slid down the hill, halfway down it glitched more and more under the map. It got stuck at the dead tree with the other dead tree across the bottom of it.

Player was kicked, logged back in exactly at the same location of the truck on the dirt road. Truck was lost under the map.

A day or two later someone drove by that way and the truck reappeared on the map.

Additional Information

Unfortunately only have a far away picture from the truck back on the map.

This is an example of how vehicles can glitch under the map progressively. If a vehicle is not completely glitched under, you can shoot the part that is visible and it will reset its position normally on top of the map after a server restart. Shooting before a restart will only get it further down under the map.

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Hello gammeloni and thank you for the report.
Can you try to describe the sliding upon which the vehicles glitch into the ground in more detail? As currently we are aware that such issue (vehicles clipping through the ground) occurs only when the vehicle is flipped on the roof / crashes into an object at high speed, but it is possible that there is also another circumstance under which the vehicle glitches under the ground which we do not know of yet.

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Sorry for the late reply. As to my knowledge the truck was with crashing into a tree at high speed and even flipped ;) he basically slid down a very steep hill.

However, the vehicle can also clip through the ground, as seen on my other screenshots, by continuously shooting it with arrows. The car will just go a little bit into the ground but with the amount of arrows shot at it, it will eventually disappear.

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Hello gammeloni.
Yesterday we have released experimental patch containing hotfix for these issues. If no new issues will pop up we will move the fix onto the stable branch.

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I tried it on experimental DayZ DE-01 went up that exact hill a couple of times and crashed my way down the hill ;) the doors, headlight, etc were all broken but I didn't glitch under the map. *fingers crossed*

I did notice that when you get in a truck, it goes into the ground for a bit and out again (didn't try with other vehicles).

Hi there

We've tested a bit and came across a case where we still slid under the map with our vehicle

P.S: luckily we could be kicked from the server and respawned in swimming in the ocean but the car is gone ;)

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Thank you gammeloni.
We also have confirmed the behaviour that is shown on your video and it has been scheduled for a fix.

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