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Unconscious From 1 Shot Almost Every Time, Regardless of Health Status and Location Hit
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Players that are bright green energized, hydrated, and healthy go unconscious from 1 gunshot, regardless of where they're hit. The unconscious mechanic is broken at the current moment, and It needs tweaking. We don't spend 5 minutes at the apple tree for no reason.


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Windows 10 x64
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Windows 10 64Bit
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Hello LazarusDayZ and thank you for the report.
Have you been testing this particular issue with various weapons or have you used one type weapon only? Which weapons have you used in reproducing the issue? And were those characters that go unconscious after one shot freshly spawned or were those characters from longer playtime sessions and received damage previously?

hleV added a subscriber: hleV.EditedMar 13 2017, 4:37 PM

At the moment I only remember one such case where I suspiciously went unconscious: was fully healthy, hadn't received any damage prior in that life, wore a worn or pristine shirt. A chambered AUG shot to my arm from 1m away knocked me unconscious (not instantly, I still managed to spray the shooter down, then I went uncon after a few seconds). Woke up soon after that.

This is the only case where I have the knowledge of what happened (e.g. range, gun, body part). I did get knocked uncon after perceivably only taking a single hit at least multiple times, but can't give more info than that.

Would be easy to test if one had all the weapon arsenal available to them, but normal players don't have such options :D

I can confirm this issue too! It happened to me twice.

I got shit with a single bullet from "Makarov" and instantly went unconscious. Around 20 seconds later I woke up.
It was the fastest time I ever woke up!
There were no damaged parts on my body whatsoever.