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Reduced Headshot Damage On Unconscious Player
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An issue with the recent patch/patches.

When a player drops unconscious, depending on their remaining health, it may require several hits to the head to finish them off, regardless if they have any headgear. It feels as if the head is like 10x more durable now while unconscious.

Please also check the damage to a zombie's head. Recently I'm unable to headshot them with any weapon (unless it's a higher caliber that one-shots zombies anyway) - all hits/shots seem like bodyhits.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Make a player go unconscious. Shoot them in the ehad.

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I can also confirm this issue.

I would like to add that this issue does not appear to be limited to unconscious players. In general, it appears that players are able to take an exceptional amount of non-melee damage to the head if they are wearing any sort of headgear.

Within the past week, I have survived an IZH shotgun blast to the head (within ~20 meters) and, on another character, survived a 7.62x54mmR from a Mosin to the head (within ~70 meters); both while only wearing a boonie, bandana face mask and either JoeyX or Designer sunglasses (item quality ranging from damaged to pristine).

I would have written off one or two instances of the occurring as grazing shots or desync, but it is happening with such frequency between myself and various members of the group I play with that it warrants some investigation.

As to unconscious players, I frequently need to put several rounds into a player's head before they will actually die. The round doesn't appear to make a difference. The issue has occurred recently while I have been using a Steyr Aug, SKS and an MP5-K. If the player has any un-ruined headgear, it usually will become ruined with the first or second shot, then the player will die with the following shot.

This has happened to me on the =UWS=, DayZ Underground EU and DayZ Underground servers.

Maybe the HandleDamage EH isn't passing the correct amount of damage to event_assessDamage? It appears to be passing the selectionName correctly since *almost* instant unconsciousness occurs (guessing from the switch (toLower _bone)?) anytime I have been or witnessed someone shot in the head.

This has happened to me as well. Unconscious players do seem to take reduced amount of dmg and regarding the head shots- I have had two happenings since the last patch that I survived head shots from unknow guns. I regained consciousness only to see nothing but my motorbike helmet ruined.

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Hello everyone.
Yesterday we have released experimental version with a hotfix for this particular issue. Can you please try and let us know in case the issue was still present?