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DAYZ another pack of dump files and dxdiag.txt (v0.61.137871)
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Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Crashes when trying to come near high populated areas or houses where a lot pvp takes place and bodies lie.
  2. Crashes when trying to loot (using TAB) dropped backpacks or died bodies.
  3. Also i think crashes occurs cause of desync and poor server performance
Additional Information

in last couple weeks we (i play in a group) experienced a lot of issues. Played only on high populated servers.

1.Freezing or "one-framing" - game client receives only one fps and game is constantly freezing or unfreezing (impossible to play). Occurs very often, lasts from couple seconds to couple minutes, while logging in, while running to and while camping inside high populated area.
2.Crashing - game client crashes while trying to loot a big loot pile or died body or simply by opening inventory with TAB.
3."Character dragging" or desync - character gets dragged all around building or in a open field. Occurs very random, lasts maximum 10sec, usually crouching or getting prone helps.

Another interesting fact - just before one of my team-mates client crashes, "Receiving" occurs on items inside inventory for couple seconds (also desync). And just after he leaves a server - everything works perfectly again.

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