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Loading P3D from mission-PBO causes player kicks/disconnects
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Loading P3D from missionroot PBO via CreateSimpleObject causes players to get kicked (if onHackedData = 'kick (_this select 0)') or disconnected with "Connection to session lost" due to signature verification.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Operating System Version
Windows Server 2012 RC2
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play on the dedicated Server.
  2. Create a custom p3D with createSimpleObject
  3. Randomly get kicked out of the session.
Additional Information

Ping and Desync of players were fine. Server FPS were around 47.

More information below.

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As we have P3D-Files in our missionfolder (pbo) which are loaded (non-mod) through CreateSimpleObject, OnHackedData kicked every player after creating a Simple Object out of the mission root. The P3D's are self-made and binarized.

We have changed it to "OnHackedData = ''" and no one was kicked from the server BUT instead everyone's getting "connection to session lost" message and a disconnect.

Unfortunately we have no DB-logs, no Serverlogs no RPT-logs which could deliver us some information about this problem, we just know that it has to do with loading custom P3D-Files out of the missionroot-pbo via createSimpleObject.

We don't want to change to a mod-server to use our P3D files, so we appreciate your help.

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Disabling verifySignatures seems to solve this problem, but we won't disable it on our Dedicated Server due to security reasons.

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Since it's been more than a year now, is there any fix for this problem yet?