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Arma 3 crash / freeze - Eden editor
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Arma3 freeze / lockup in Eden editor - unable to shut down Arma 3 process or return to desktop after freeze. Forced to Logout or restart machine.
Note this happens irrespective of activated mods - although it happens more frequently when mods loaded - obviously memory resource related.

I spend a lot of time in the 3den editor - around 6 hours a day. With nearly 9100 hours in Arma3 thus far - I am what you could call a heavy user - so this issue may present itself to me more often than the average user.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Pro
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  • Load fairly large mission (1200 + entities) into 3den editor
  • In 3den editor I opened the entity list (E) and searched for an entity.
  • I selected a marker entity in the list - right clicked selected Go Here. Double clicked on marker entity to edit attributes. Closed entity list.
  • Opened Entity list again by pressing E. Repeated entity search for another marker entity in this case.
  • Repeated the above search / attribute edit steps on a few more marker entities.
  • Then in the main editor window I double clicked on an object.
  • At this point 3den editor became unresponsive and locked up.
  • Attempted to close 3den - no response.
  • Attempted to close Arma3 - no response.
  • Alt tabbed to desktop - black screen and out of memory error plus Arma3 crash dialog shortly afterwards. (see attachments)
  • Could not switch to other applications and was forced to Logout.
  • However on restarting Arma3 it seems memory still corrupt. (machine not restarted at this point just user logged out / in)
  • Forced to restart machine - to clear memory issue.
  • This problem reoccurs fairly regularly specifically when using the entity search and entity browser in 3den editor.
Additional Information

I have also noticed that occasionally when Arma3 starts up and I alt-tab back to desktop to search via Chrome that keyboard entries in Chrome browser interact with the Arma3 Launcher - specifically spacebar inputs. In this case since the Launcher focus is on the Play button it starts additional copies of Arma3. Obviously this is most likely unrelated however it does indicate non typical Windows application behavior that is linked to the Launcher/Arma3 start up process. The above out of memory issue is not directly related to this focus issue. See attached files.

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thank you for the info.

Would you mind uploading full Troubleshooting Report (you uploaded RPT's, in case of crash, BIDMP and MDMP files are needed).

If you are not sure how/where to get these, please take a look here

Thank you

I had another crash in the 3ditor just now - and that was after multiple previews - however it wasn't critical in the sense that it locked up the machine - it simply crashed Arma3.

Dumps zipped

Thank you very much :)

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Interestingly this crash corrupted memory so badly I had to drain power from the system - to clear the problem. Approximately 10 minutes prior to the crash I started noticing some video memory corruption and strange screen artifacts / tearing on screen. How Vram became corrupted at this point I'm not sure. Clearly seems related and a byproduct of low memory condition. Would also explain why when alt-tabbing back to desktop - the screen went black.

Rick0Shay added a comment.EditedFeb 24 2017, 3:09 PM

Subsequent to the above it seems now once I load the mission in 3den I can edit the mission without a problem - however if I attempt to switch from map mode to 3D mode - I immediately get the out of memory error and crash. No warning in Arma3 or 3den editor prior to crash. I have a lot of text in the init boxes on many triggers - perhaps I have reached text input limit - is there a limit? Or maybe A3 is reading available memory incorrectly. Hope I'm not clouding the issue with my simplistic observations. :) Btw prior to this latest crash I ran a local cache verification.

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Rick0Shay added a comment.EditedFeb 24 2017, 8:48 PM

Editing mission still works fine - out of memory crash now happens as soon as I middle mouse click to place camera position in 3den editor. I can test play mission in SP and MP without issue directly from 3den. But as soon as I try to switch from map mode to 3D mode I get the out of memory crash.

Rick0Shay added a comment.EditedFeb 24 2017, 9:09 PM

I managed to resolve this memory crash by starting the 3den editor - no mission loaded - then switching into 3D mode - then loading the large mission referred to above - it loads with some strange graphical issues but does not crash. Then switch back to 2D mode then back to 3D mode and graphics appear fine after that - so 3den working fine again - and no memory crash.

Even though I have resolved this specific issue with this specific large mission - the general problem obviously has not been resolved. I can still create a crash / out of memory issue by performing the basic steps above - i.e. browsing and searching the entity list and switching between 2D and 3D mode and positioning the camera in map mode.