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Filling 4 blood bags kills character
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Was bright green energized and hydrated
Had Healthy status

Had other player draw 2 blood bags from me
Waited 15 minutes (wiki shows regent at 3blood/sec??) 1000 blood = 5.55 minutes
Color had returned.

Had same player draw 2 more blood bags. Died after 4th blood bag

Even with 0 regen, if you have 5000 blood, he drew 4000 from me I shouldn't have died.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
SP 1
Health System
Steps To Reproduce

Draw 2 blood bags
Wait 15 minutes for blood regen

Draw 2 more blood bags

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Hello sileed and thank you for the report.
Currently the blood bags take 2000 blood value from the character (2000 per one bag). Therefore, the first two blood bags took your character to 1000 blood level. In 15 minutes your character should regenerate 2700 blood, which would make it 3700 total with the 1000 that remained. The another set of blood bags then took all the blood from your character, which resulted in its death. We are aware that this may cause issues such as you have described and the values taken by the blood bags will be balanced in the future stages of development.

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket because it's obsolete?

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