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Group 'presence' attribute is either broken or illogical
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At least on current dev (1.67.140215) you can set 'probability of presence' for a group which one would expect to be a nice useful way to have a group appear randomly instead of having to do the 'set-presence-of-leader-then-on-each-member-on-presencecondition-check-if-leader-exists' dance, or script it, or whatever.
But what it does it just sets the condition of presence of each individual group member to be the same which means that each group member spawns randomly, not group as a whole.

This feature doesn't make much sense because even if you used it for randomizing the size/construct of a group there would still be times when the group didn't appear at all???


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. put a player entity in
  2. put some group in
  3. set the group's probability of presence to for example 50%
  4. preview and hit 'restart' to see results

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Oops, used 'condition' instead of 'probability', typo fixed..

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Using this parameter on the whole unit is not the right solution. Yes, it´s possible but we intended that presence will be using on each unit in group. In this case it works fine.

If you want to set random groupe spawn on the map, please use it on each group unit separately.

Thank you for understanding.

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It's not a group attribute. It shows because if you select the group you will also select all members of the group for mass editing.