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.61 stable after 2/3/17 patch- Close Quarter Combat huge lag drops and desync
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Close Quarter Combat huge lag drops and desync near other players ,

Also big lag bubbles in game almost freezing character 1-6 fps.. since .61 ..sometimes you can run out of the lag bubble sometimes not.
Lag Bubble is not just normal player fps drop if player near stops you dead in your tracks


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Get in a gunfight with 2 or more people close up , the lag bubble is random anywhere on the map

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I've seen the lag in close quarters combat happen to multiple streamers over the last couple days. It just chunks up like the old days when a game was loading textures off your 5400 rpm hard drive. (obviously not the same issue but that's what it looks like).

PS: They will probably ask you to split your reports into two separate tickets.

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Hello chainsawsquirrrel and thank you for the report.
The issue with the fps dropping while shooting weapons has been confirmed and is scheduled for a fix -
As for the second issue with the "bubble lagging and freezing", currently we are working on the issue, in case you come across any other information not mentioned in this ticket, please post it to our primary ticket here: