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Losing Stuff Hopping Servers
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during .61 experimental, my friend got tied up by another friend jokingly and when he logged back in he was a fresh spawn with no gear (no wipe) on the beach, there was no gear on the ground for us to loot either. This was 2 months ago. Today, it happened again. My friend tied me up jokingly while i was going to eat something, then I wanted to hop servers, logged back in, was on the beach. I did not die. This was on stable .61.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Tie up someone
  2. The tied up person, exits out.
  3. The tied up person, logs back in.
  4. The tied up person spawns on the beach.
Additional Information

I put this is as severe because you lose all your gear and me and my friends are afraid to joke around with a rope now because this isn't the first time this has occured.

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This is a design decision to disincentivise people from combat logging after being captured by another player. Imagine getting the best of another player, and handcuffing them, only for them to hop to a new server and run along their merry way. Not very cool right? So they make it so that if you log out with hands tied, your character is deleted from the hive, to prevent abuse of logout to escape capture.

It sounds like the problem is the level of education and discipline among your group. Make sure that everyone knows that logging out while tied-up or unconscious will result in death.
Tying up a friend who is logging off or who is prone to disconnects is a major dick move. Even a random game crash will kill a restrained player.
Instead of removing this feature, I hope they focus on preventing crashes.

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Hello darkraiusa and thank you for the report.
As emuthreat mentioned above, characters that log off while handcuffed/tied up are killed to prevent players from logging off while they have been caught by another player.

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