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Eden 'Error Loading Scenario' with spaces in the mission folder name
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When trying to open a mission with spaces in the missions folder name Eden displays the 'Error Loading Scenario' message and 'Wrong color format' is entered into the report log. The scenario does not load.

I assume this is a bug as up until that point Eden allows the user to browse and Open the mission as normal.

If it is intended that Eden does not support spaces in folder names, please consider adding a hint or message to warn them of an invalid folder when the user tries to load the mission (or don't show the mission at all in the files list like I think the old editor used to do?).


Operating System
Windows 10
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Try and open any mission with spaces in its folder name in Eden.

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2600K created this task.Jan 17 2017, 11:59 PM

remove the spaces and place _ in their place and try again

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Missions with spaces do not show up in the scenario menu in Eden Editor.