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RPG-42 scope has incorrect ranging
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The ranging indicators on the RPG-42 scope are incorrect and make it very difficult to accurately hit targets.

See this video:

It appears that the launcher is zeroed at 200m, so the 200m ranging works. Every other ranging over or under shoots the target, to a ridiculous degree at the 500m range. For reference, it appears that the 3 aimpoint actually corresponds to about 500m range.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have an RPG-42
  2. Using the scope, place the appropriate aimpoint at a target <=100m or >=300m away
  3. Fire, and watch the rocket not hit your target.

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This issue should be already fixed in Dev branch and should be also fixed with the next Main/Stable branch update

Issue does not appear to be fixed as of devbuild 1.67.140151.

Would you mind uploading some pictures or a video of the current incorrect behavior? Thank you

Same test on current devbranch (1.67.140241):

Looks like the fix may not have been merged? It looks practically identical to the original test.

Zomg, I mixed up the tickets, I thought you were referring to RPG-7 (Syndikat launcher) and did notice the difference only after watching the video, sorry about that, I will look into that.