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AI prefer use sidearm instead main weapon.
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AI prefer use sidearm instead main weapon. Behavio seems to be avtivated by unknown reason, its very known issue since Arma 2. Pretty major issue, imagine soldier with pistol and machinegun in his inventory, and 3 enemies runing at him, he will use pistol.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce

Unknown. Most often Ai switch to pistol when Ammo for their main rifle will finish (thats OK), or when they finish magazine to rifle, and istead of reloading it, they will use pistoll till their death. Another reports from past, inform, AI switch to pistol, once they get hit.

Its also connected to rearm issue

AI will not rearm they primary weapon, BEACUSE YOU DONT KNOW WHEY THEY GONNA REARM AFTER GIVING ORDER, and places available to rearm, visible on order list, will have ammo for (guy needed ammo) his pistol, even is his pistoll ammo is full, and he got no rifle ammo, the location ( body, ammo crate, vehicle, etc) will be listed on the order menu.

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