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Downloaded mod wont show on mods list in launcher (offline mode)
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After downloading mod through workshop, going offline, and launching the launcher, mod wont show up on the list EVER.


No Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Download mod from workshop (do not open game launcher yet)
  • Disable intrenet connection
  • Open launcher, tru to find your fresh downloaded mod.

IT WONT BE THERE, even if mod is on the HDD already.

Additional Information

you have to run Launcher at least once when Steam is in the online mode for it to retrieve updated list of mods from Steam; the list will then be cached for subsequent use even when Steam is offline. Steam can't provide the updated list when it is offline and it is not possible to retrieve it in other way.

Does that explains your issue?

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Somehow yes, but this sucks (sorry for word), This shows the best workshop is still very green and sour apple, maybe it become red and sweet after decade.....