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Possibility to fire any guided missiles to any vehicle
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It is said that AT launchers with guided missiles are designed for using against land vehicles and low attitude andlowspeed air vehicles. That means tanks and helicopters. They are not used against planes snce they are too fast and too far to be shot by such rocket when they are in flight. And AA rockets are not used againist vehicles since they are useless againist armored technics. So most AT or AA complexes are able to lock any vehicles regarting its type or the way it moves in their locking range. That means that you can shut the plane volpiquing on you with AT launcher as well as helicopter or tank, and also you can shut down a car with an AA missile, and also you CAN fire AA missile to tank but it will do no damage as well as you CAN fire AT missle to plane flying far away but missle drops before it reaches plane. A lot of text, but the ting I try to tell is: you can use any rockets againist any vehicles, but the effectiveness of such use must rely on purpose of rocket. I think that theese improvements must be applicated in ARMA 3.
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