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DX11 error Create Texture failed E_OUTOFMEMORY
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Game crash. Then also getting "exception unknown software error 0x0000dead in the application at the position 0x0000000074B3A832 " Crash report log file here:


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Windows 10 x64
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latest stable
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Play for some time

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happening on GTX 1060 (6GB).

Jawsh added a subscriber: Jawsh.Dec 19 2016, 3:54 AM

@DanielNL, you may have already tried these, but just to confirm have you tried the following?

  1. Verifying the integrity of the game cache?
  2. Clean install of the latest graphics card drivers for your card and OS from

Also, I cannot download a copy of the report files. Could you try attaching them to the feedback tracker or uploading to any other free file sharing service that works? Examples: Dropbox,, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and ShareX/

razazel claimed this task.Dec 19 2016, 9:37 AM
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Unfortunately I am unable to download the report file as it has been marked as malicious.
Would you mind uploading the file again?

Done the two steps now. Wasn't running latest driver. Sorry for the bad upload service, using from now on.

Here it is (will be available for download til 19.01.17):

I tried this internal upload many many times, always getting this error message:

No configured storage engine can store this file. See "configuring file storage" in the documentation for information on configuring storage engines.

Still getting this.

(using profiling) here the error log:

Jawsh added a comment.Jan 9 2017, 3:10 AM

@DanielNL, does this issue occur on missions other than CCGwasteland1?

Did you restart your computer and then verify the integrity of the game cache for Arma 3 after switching to the profiling branch? This is to make sure that the new data correctly downloaded.

Are there any possible solutions listed on the Arma 3 Unusual process exit article that you have not yet tried?

DanielNL added a comment.EditedJan 9 2017, 3:30 PM

Is normal "shutdown" and then "start" enough, or on Win 10 "restart" option needed? Yes I did verify integrity after I think. Doing it again now. I do have latest Nvidia driver, also I haven't tried "disable Steam ingame overlay" but I really doubt that that is causing the UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI error.

Jawsh added a comment.Jan 9 2017, 3:49 PM

Is normal "shutdown" and then "start" enough, or on Win 10 "restart" option needed?

The option that makes that computer fully shutdown and power off. Then it can be turned back on.

@DanielNL Could you please try to upload the crashdump files again? The latest ones seem to be corrupt and I cannot debug them.

From using the profiling build.

AGAIN crash. Dx11 out of memory, then this error

razazel added a comment.EditedJan 10 2017, 8:49 AM

Could you please tell me what branch and version of the game are you using? Your RPT files seem to be missing a header with the info about the exe, allocator and used mods.

I would also recommend getting rid of all the mods you are currently using unsubscribe and delete all the content, try to run the game to see if something changes, if it gets better, install the mods back again, one by one, this could help to determine whether a mod is to blame and in case it is, a clean install of the mods could help also.

Launcher version: 1.5.139565

Game version: 1.66.139792

Branch: profiling

Is it VRAM or just normal RAM related?

Not sure, your crashdumps are a little bit weird and not showing much.

Did you try using different memory allocators?

Not since the 10 GB patch. Should I ?

Would be definitely worth a check.

Interesting fact: yesterday no issues, only got a wierd crash message upon exiting the game after playing a long while, so issue SEEMS resolved, will see! :)

Here is a new (large?! o_O ) one:

While playing.

DanielNL added a comment.EditedJan 12 2017, 6:54 PM

And another one (same cause I think?)

dedmen closed this task as Resolved.May 20 2020, 3:29 PM