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Agressive "Infected" passing through doors, walls, and now floors .61
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What happened? With the newest update, I had trouble with infected pushing through doors, walls, and two even were above me in a two story, they managed to glitch through the floor, make me stand on shelves in the bookcase while they tried to get me. Unfortunately, they were half way in the bottom floor as the screen shot shows.

Put this on stable, you might have a player riot. I have not have the infected do this in ages.


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Windows 10 x64
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Win 10
AI Issues
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Get infected to chase you, go in house for protection.

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Hello DesertRat and thank you for the report.
Did the zombies glitch into the building floor when they have followed your character from outside, or is it possible that the zombies have spawned in the floor like this?

Geez i have had it both ways, in floor spawns, and ran from outside. Some even have glitched through the walls.

Never bothered to get location, or video of it.

1.In the first house, the red one, a zombie came flying out of the upper story to get me, I forgot to add it to the report - both the red and green house were in Dubrovka

  1. The next three are out of what I call the green house, what happened in each is listed on them.