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64bit 1FPS Bug & Video Card Bug
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This occurred just now.

Started up the game using the 64bit exe. Spawned along the coast by Skyrim Mountain. Instantly noticed that the game was running quite smooth. (I notice this because I have a 2012 vintage laptop). Proceeded to play for about 30 mins looting up along the coast. Just as I was about to enter a house I was hit with the 1 FPS Bug. The game stuttered and lagged quite a long time (~2-4 mins) before the game recovered. Once it did i noticed on the MSI Afterburner monitor that my Video card usage was noticeably down and the FPS rate was effectively halved.

Prior to the bug FPS
Outside in fields along coast: 45-60FPS
In Buildings: 80-100FPS

After Bug
outside in fields along coast: 20-30FPS
In buildings 30-45FPS


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate SP1
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start up game using 64 bit exe
  2. Begin play as normal

I use MSI Afterburner to monitor CPU/GPU Temps, FPS and GPU Usage.

  1. Experience the 1 FPS Bug (Conditions as to why this happens are unknown to me)
  2. Experience severe lag, stuttering and effectively 1 FPS. I distinctly notice that the game is no longer using the video card as usage is noted at 0%.
  3. After approximately 2-4 minutes the game finally recovers.
  4. Begin to play again, continuing to loot up.
  5. Notice that Video card usage was markedly down with usage ranging from 55-65% typically and maxing out at ~84%. The subsequent FPS rates were effectively halved compared to FPS rate prior to the 1 FPS Bug. (Prior to the 1 FPS Bug video card usage was maxed at 100% and temps were steady at 65-70 deg C).
  6. I proceeded to run around a bit to see if I could drive the Video Card usage back up to 100% without any luck.
  1. Edit: Tried again last night using the 64 bit exe. I had the same issue occur however the GPU functionality decreased after what i believe was a series of Alt-Tabs in and out of the game to get my mouse working.
  1. Edit: Also, I created a new profile under the Nvidia Control panel for the 64 bit exe. I wanted to see if this fixed the issue. Upon starting the game the GPU automatically was under utilised. Removing the profile and simply using the previously defined DayZ profile resulted in same issue described above (ie worked for a while).
  1. Edit:Last night I had the 64bit edition of Dayz running and MSI afterburner running. The game initially ran fine, and GPU fully utilized. In MSI the F12 key is designated for screen shots. Even though I knew the screen shot functionality is currently not working with BattleEye I pushed the F12 key to see if it perhaps would work. It did not however i noted on the MSI graph plots and the onscreen display that the GPU instantly was under utilized. See attached graph plot. I exited out of the game and reloaded with continued poor performance. I had to completely reboot steam and then reload DayZ to refresh.

See attached plots

Additional Information

Unfortunately I could not do a series of screen shots showing the GPU usage and FPS as Battle Eye was apparently blocking MSI screen shot functions. I did however capture an image from the Afterburner Graph Plot to show what i am talking about

My System is
CPU: i7 3720QM
GPU: Nvidia GTX670M

My Settings in game are typically:

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Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Dec 8 2016, 9:56 AM

I had this same problem with the December 7 build as I was approaching NWAF. My buddy and I were running together and both our games slowed to 1 FPS, his for roughly 1-2 minutes and mine for about 4 minutes.

Can't figure what this is tied to. Infected spawning? Network bubble of nearby players?

He was running 32-bit, I was running 64-bit.

gh0stop added a subscriber: gh0stop.Dec 9 2016, 1:02 AM

Do you have it set to use your GPU in NVIDIA Control panel?

Yes. After reading about a similar issue in another post i went back and double checked. Everything was set to use the Nvidia. I did however add a new profile for the 64 bit exe.

Tried it again last night, same issue however.

Perhaps the game is over riding the control panel settings and switching to use the Intel GPU if certain actions occur.

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gh0stop added a comment.EditedDec 12 2016, 12:20 AM

Make a shortcut to your desktop (the 64bit exe) and right click and there should be a context item that says run with high powered NVidia Gpu.

Do you have everything set to maximum performance inside windows power options and nvidia control panel?

Also your laptop should be plugged into the wall.

Will try the shortcut idea/exe idea. All others suggestions are already in place.

Geez added a subscriber: Geez.Dec 14 2016, 11:40 AM

Hello StephenHarper and thank you for all the information.
We are currently looking into the issue and will let you know once we know more. In case you come across any other info, which could help us in resolving the issue, please post it in here.