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RPG-7 Launcher. Power Rocket grenad.
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Power reactive grenade very small.
Light armored wheeled vehicle should not survive after a 1-3 hit by a rocket.
Why Tank survives after 6-12 hits missiles?
Light armored wheeled vehicle maintain one hit of the rocket. The second rocket critical, causes explosion.
The tank will sustain 6-12 rockets.
It seems much for the armored vehicle and the tank.
Armored vehicles are capable to protect from bullets of the automatic machine and a machine gun, but not from rockets.
The tank can sustain several hits. But if one or two rockets get to a back part of a tower, the fighting stock of the tank will blow up.

It belongs, somewhat, to all types of rockets, all launchers in an arsenal of Arma3.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce
  • Editor
  • Arrows RPG-7
  • Different armored purposes
  • Hit the targets
Additional Information

bulletproof glass 400 мм vs RPG-7

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Combine questions on RPG-7

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referring to the name in the inventory, the ammo is the PG-7 VM, which is a 70mm Monoblock HEAT grenade.
but the power of it is to high, compared to the ammo of the RPG 42 for example, which has a tandemblock HEAT grenade.

although having one monoblock and one tandemblock, both do almost same damage.