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Experimental 0.61 character wipe
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hi there, first of all i must say i absolutly LOVE this game, but i am now really pissed of the character wipe that occurs every fu*g update! i had played a lot experimental to help you but this is too mutch, i got the character wiped every fu*g day and this is inacceptable 7 character in 7 day all full gear. i am coming back if u solve this problem and dont care of other bugs but i cant play like this.
(i follow the rule DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO YOUR GEAR).
best regards ghostdog


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
home edition
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Steps To Reproduce

enter game, play a LOT, log off, next day log in and puff you are a fu***g fresh spawn

Additional Information

2259 hours played and never complained about nothing but this is inacceptable 7 character in 7 day!

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ghostdog created this task.Dec 1 2016, 7:05 PM

plays to the stable!
not pollute this forum to this nonsense,
Exp is made for this reason .... fill the PG does not make sense if you plan to stay with this for months!

dear diablo, i dont mind if this problem was only once a week or so but every day its really mental, and for what you say i don't agree, this is a bug, i dont occurs to all updates beacouse 1 or 2 time happened that the character remains after update. saying this is nonsense is a leak of respect, how can you say one has to go around as fresh spawn? your comment is nonsense.

Character wipes are part of the deal with Experimental. You should expect a character wipe with every new build, and if your character survives then you should consider yourself lucky.

We play Experimental not for our own enjoyment, but to help report bugs and provide a larger sample of data for the developers to analyze. The perk is we get to see the new stuff before most other people. :)

huckjam added a subscriber: huckjam.Dec 2 2016, 5:26 AM

Some updates happen without wipes because the update wasn't dealing with something that was tied to persistence but if they are updating something that is tied to persistence a wipe will happen. It's not a bug every time they update they post on twitter and facebook whether it will wipe chars or not just like they did today when they said this update will wipe chars, but when they say it wont it doesn't. EXP is here for testing you can expect constant updates and game breaking bugs you really shouldn't expect your char to last longer than the time you are connected for so when you play on EXP play like it doesnt matter and your gonna lose everything anyway and you'll save alot of stress.

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Hello ghostdog and thank you for your feedback.
The character wipes on experimental are being done based on necessities of testing on the experimental branch, as well in some cases to prevent possible issues. We attempt to shorten the interval between the delays as the build is getting more stable