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D3D error: dxgi_error_device_removed
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I just bought Arma3 and I have a serious bug that do not allow me to play more than 5min with this game.
I cannot play with the game.
Crashs occur randomly (can occurs after 30sec, 1min or 5min).

I have

  • reinstalled Arma3 game several times
  • restart the PC
  • no mod installed for Arma3
  • DLC installed: zeus
  • I have no problem with others games

Crash reports are available here:

Any thoughts?
Could you please fix it?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Launch the game (offline mode) > move the character > a black screen is shown randomly and then Windows error pop-ups

Additional Information

My configuration is the following:

  • Nvidia GTX 1060 6G (driver 372.90)
  • DirectX 12.0
  • RAM 8Gb
  • CPU i3-3100 3.70 GHz
  • Arma3 information:
  • - Launcher version: 1.5.138680
  • - Hardware acceleration disabled
  • - Game version: 1.64.138732

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@ARKAAZZ, you say you have tried re-installing the game, but have you tried verifying the integrity of the game cache? This checks for any corrupt or missing files and downloads the correct files.

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please try out also steps mentioned in following link as those might help as well.

0xC0000005 Error

Let me know should any of that help.


Thanks for your prompt reply.
Sorry I had forgotten to mention that prior to submit this ticket:

  • I had verified the integrity of the game cache through Stream app,
  • I had checked the version of DirectX (it is the latest one)
  • I had checked verified on Nvidia site, the driver release notes if such problem is reported as either fixed or limitation.. Nothing about it.

I will follow the steps mentioned on the page
but according to the mindump i had provided, they are 2 types of error code:

  • DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED

Are you sure the link you had shared will resolve both errors?

Just for my knownledge, is it normal that log game is mentionning DX11 (i guess it means DirectX11) whereas i have DirectX12?
Why the game is not using my local DirectX release?


ARKAAZZ added a comment.EditedNov 29 2016, 10:58 PM

here is my tests status...
during my tests, a new error code has been raised.. 0x00000001 – UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI
any idea?

I had performed the following steps:

  • check the GPU & CPU temp => CPU load is 100%. See screenshot attached below
  • re-install DirectX => I don't know how to re-install. DirectX is installed via Windows update and everything is updated. + i had run the dxdiag tool, everything looks fine.
  • re-install (not restore) vcredist 2013 for both x64 & x86 => done. No change
  • run windows file check tool => done. Nothing to report
  • upgrade drivers from 372.90 to 376.09 => under progress

Would you mind trying to switch to an RC branch?

What is RC Branch?

Arma 3 Steam Branches

How to switch to RC Branch
Steam > right-click Arma 3 > Properties > Betas > Insert code > select RC in combo box

ARKAAZZ added a comment.EditedDec 1 2016, 9:15 PM

ok i will try RC release.. Could you please share the code?
Is there a RC under testing now?

PS: upgrading drivers with latest version did not resolved the problem...

aren't you able to reproduce it? it is 100% reproducible in my case. Thus i can't use the game...

error code 0x0000DEAD - Unknown with the version under dev: 1.67.139502
I can't find the RC

Jawsh added a comment.Dec 2 2016, 2:18 AM

error code 0x0000DEAD - Unknown with the version under dev: 1.67.139502
I can't find the RC

Release candidate testing for 1.66 has concluded. 1.66 is now out on main / stable branch.

Can someone else having a Nvidia can tell me if the game is working fine with the same drivers as me?

Arma3 release: 1.66.139494
nvidia drivers:

  • 372.90 (@21.9.2016)
  • 376.09 (@28.11.2016)
  • 368.81 (@14.7.2016)

Log report with july driver:

Crash present with all drivers. I rollback until july and it is still the same.
I can't use this game. It has being a week without able to play the game.
I want to have my money refund

Jawsh added a comment.Dec 4 2016, 3:44 AM

Can someone else having a Nvidia can tell me if the game is working fine with the same drivers as me?

I have a single GeForce GTX 770 and I am not experiencing any issues with driver version 376.09 or any of the recent drivers. OS is Windows 7 64-bit.

I am not experiencing any issues with driver version 376.09 or any of the recent drivers. OS is Windows 7 64-bit.

Anyone have windows 10 64b? I would like to compare a working and a not working situation..

Hi i had a problem with ASUS GPU tweak its worth a try uninstall ASUS GPU tweak and test. Reinstall it if you dont have a problem with IOmap64.sys.

I had upgraded the Nvidia driver to 376.33 (14.12.2016) using the dev branch of Arma3 (1.67.139743) in 64bits
Error is the following:

23:01:26 Weather was forced to change
23:03:28 DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
23:03:28 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG
23:03:28 DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
23:03:28 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG
23:03:28 Virtual memory total 134217727 MiB (140737488224256 B)
23:03:28 Virtual memory free 134214059 MiB (140733641863168 B)
23:03:28 Physical memory free 3187 MiB (3342135296 B)
23:03:28 Page file free 1286 MiB (1349275648 B)
23:03:28 Process working set 1576 MiB (1653534720 B)
23:03:28 Process page file used 3298 MiB (3458772992 B)
23:03:28 Longest free VM region: 902430720 B
23:03:28 VM busy 3846426624 B (reserved 161873920 B, committed 3684552704 B, mapped 89628672 B), free 448409600 B
23:03:28 Small mapped regions: 20, size 86016 B
23:03:28 VID: dedicated: 6397034496, shared 4273369088, system: 0, max: 6082461696, used: 1621319680
ErrorMessage: DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED

with the dev branch of Arma3 (1.67.139743) in 32bits, I got similar error:

23:12:33 Weather was forced to change
23:12:47 Loading movesType CfgMovesBird
23:12:47 Reading cached action map data
23:12:47 MovesType CfgMovesBird load time 11 ms
23:16:10 DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
23:16:10 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG
23:16:10 DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
23:16:10 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG
23:16:10 Virtual memory total 4095 MiB (4294836224 B)
23:16:10 Virtual memory free 2391 MiB (2507800576 B)
23:16:10 Physical memory free 3509 MiB (3680083968 B)
23:16:10 Page file free 1169 MiB (1226264576 B)
23:16:10 Process working set 1064 MiB (1115947008 B)
23:16:10 Process page file used 1328 MiB (1392517120 B)
23:16:10 Longest free VM region: 2123235328 B
23:16:10 VM busy 1787101184 B (reserved 185815040 B, committed 1601286144 B, mapped 89370624 B), free 2507735040 B
23:16:10 Small mapped regions: 21, size 90112 B
23:16:10 VID: dedicated: 3221225472, shared 1073676288, system: 0, max: 2906652672, used: 1756549120
ErrorMessage: DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED

I had checked on several dump logs and the crash always occured after

Weather was forced to change

Does it have a meaning for you?
Did you had reported the VM map problem to Nvidia?

Hi i had a problem with ASUS GPU tweak its worth a try uninstall ASUS GPU tweak and test. Reinstall it if you dont have a problem with IOmap64.sys.

Thanks for your proposal however i don't have this tool installed in my PC..

Nvidia driver 378.49 + latest dev version of Arma3: same problem
How to progress on it?
The game is not usable since 4 months!
I need support, thanks

Mkay added a subscriber: Mkay.EditedFeb 16 2017, 10:57 PM

Hello, I too am having this difficulty, further information to follow, as I am currently trying all the above.

One thing I did note however, is that you hadn't listed a location for where the error occured within the application. If it is of any relevance, the second window that appears lists that the "exception unknown software exception 0x0000dead occurred in the application at location 0x0000000075F5A832" followed by "exit code 0x0000DEAD" in the same window.


sorry for the trouble. This is most odd, we are testing the game on multiple NVIDIA cards, including the 1060, we have not encountered this issue however.

Could you please try and upload latest dumps?

Also there is a new update in progress, you should be able to access a Release Candidate branch on Steam. On the RC you can also switch to a 64bit version of the game so make sure to try that out as well.

@razazel, thanks for the info.
I will now be part of "RC testing of Update 1.68".
I had updated the latest nvidia driver: 378.66 (Direct3D: 12_1, DirectX: 12.0)

is the dump info enough? I am worrying if there is no log file available that i can share with you.

I got a error within the app (as indicated by @Mkay):

No dump available.. where is the dump file available? Previously, there was a dump app tool displayed, now nothing..

@ARKAAZZ The dump gathering tool is actually part of the launcher, if the game crashes, it automatically offers to gather the dumps. Are you running the game with the launcher?

If not, simply open the launcher > Options > Prepare Arma 3 Troubleshooting report

That should help you get the dumps :)

ARKAAZZ added a comment.EditedFeb 27 2017, 10:27 PM

Thanks! I got them :p
Today (Feb-27), 2 freezes at game start. Please look at

  • dump file 2017-02-27-22-15-30: game hangs in the main menu screen (where we start solo or campaign)
  • dump file 2017-02-27-22-17-02: game hangs with Arma logo (before going to main menu)

Launcher version: 1.5.140416
Game version: 1.68.140458
Branch: rc

Hope this helps..

PS: game crash/hangs occurs more often. I even can't start any solo/campaign game

how can i help?

razazel added a comment.EditedMar 9 2017, 11:55 AM

Logs from the RC branch should do just fine for now :)

EDIT: But seeing the report files now, it seems there are only older mdmp files and new sets contain only rpt and bidmp files. Would you mind checking the folder for the mdmp files (if they are not present, please let me know as well).

ARKAAZZ added a comment.EditedMar 12 2017, 5:36 PM

You are right. Sorry i didn't checked carefully. It happened because I made CTRL+ALT+DEL so i guess the troubleshooting report app was not able to make the mdmp files...

I had generated a new report with following error:

It includes rpt, bidmp & mdmp files => arma3_x64_2017-03-12_17-17-27


ARKAAZZ added a comment.EditedMar 21 2017, 10:15 AM

I just retried with latest nvidia driver v378.92 + newest windows update: Windows 10 Version 1607
Game is not crashing but hangs in the campaign menu or sometimes just before so i have "arma" logo always displayed on the screen.

Crash report does not appear even after waiting 10min. There is no way to exit the game except by CTRL+ALT+DEL.
As a consequence, MDMP file is not created in the "reports and dumps" folder..
Any insights?
How to progress on this topic?
do you know where the problem comes from or not?

Gforce experience is installed on the PC, is it ok?

what can i do??

razazel added a comment.EditedApr 3 2017, 9:03 AM

Same issue even after the latest update (hotifx)?

If possible, could you please upload the latest crash report files?

After having the same problem for a rather long time I started digging through the Windows Event Manager and found this error message (translated from my language)

display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered

After googleing for "nvlddmkm error" and trying out numerous solution I found a way to fix the problem for me.

DISCLAIMER: This is risky, because you have to edit the registry, which can mess up your computer if done wrong. Continue at your own risk!

The solution that worked for me:

In the registry editor I navigated to:


and added a new DWORD(32-bit) called TdrDelay with the value of HEX 20 (DEC 32).

What this does: It changes the time before the system resets your display drivers from the default 2 seconds to 32 seconds. Your system resets the display drivers when it thinks they stopped responding.

Keep in mind that this doesn't fix the initial problem and is more of a workaround to prevent the crashing.

Source and other solutions:

Of course it could have been something else that fixed it (like an ArmA update or graphics driver update that might have happend around the same time).
But since then I haven't crash once due to D3D error: dxgi_error_device_removed.

Okay after using it for a while it now started crashing again. So all this didn't work.

Would you mind providing new troubleshooting report from the latest version?

cineafx added a comment.EditedApr 19 2017, 12:34 PM

For some reason the upload feature gives me an error so here it is uploaded to my google drive:

Performance / Profiling Build:

Main branch:

DEV branch

And here is the Windows event manager error log:

I'm currently trying out multiple ways to not crash.

The crashing while loading a mission can (most of the times) be prevented by first loading the virtual reality map in the editor, then the map you are planning on playing and then the actual mission.

The random crashing during missions I still have no clue how to work around them.

today, i had cleaned-up my PC by removing all nvidia drivers (thanks to Display Driver Uninstaller + Registrar Registry Manager Free Home Edition softwares).

After installing back 368.81 nvidia driver with Arma dev version 1.69.141382, it crashed all times (thus no improvment).

Please find Arma3 logs here:

cineafx added a comment.EditedApr 26 2017, 9:27 PM

Today I got a graphics driver update to 381.89.
I will report in if anything changes. It hasn't crashed so far.

Edit after two days of regularly playing:
Everything seems stable. No crashes / problems at all.

Some days ago it started crashing randomly again. Most of the time after loading into a mission. A workaround that works for me most of the time is to first load the VR map and then any terrain. Let it sit there for a few seconds and then load / join missions.

My current suspicion is that Nvidia Geforce Experience might be part of the problem. I'm currently doing a fresh install of Nvidia Geforce Experience and will report back after some testing. (Including the Arma Report log)

Okay doing a fresh install of Nvidia Geforce Experience didn't really help.

Report log of a random mid-game crash:

cineafx added a comment.EditedJun 23 2017, 4:41 PM

Okay I found the problem on my end. My GPU is dying. Starting to see artifacts and regular crashes even while playing different games.

Edit: I switched out my old GPU for a new one and didn't have any problems since then.