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IOmap64.sys problem with ASUS tek product ASUS GPU Tweak
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Since the 1.66 release i had problems with this and the IOmangager violation would reboot my system. It effects some other games, but i have not seen this before in arma.

Uninstall ASUS GPU Tweak as a test. Reinstall if it does not solve your issue. In task manager of windows it will no longer be present as a process so Arma 3 loads from the launcher in the usual way.

Im not 100% sure this was a bug as i at the time of 1.66 being pooled on steam i was just tweaking a new SSD. But the post process and testing i have done on my rig suggests it was so i put ASUS GPU tweak back on and boom.

There may only be a few pc setups that this effects as the variables from pc to pc are many.

May be some new 64 bit prep has an issue sorry i cant give more info wiped from SSD now. I really dont want to reproduce it for a .rpt


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
windows 10 home
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

I had ASUS GPU tweak set to start up on boot. with 1.66 on and verified run arma 3. In the launcher click play (I tried many setting of launcher and parameters to no avail) as the graphics card take over upon the loading process. The system shutsdown with an IOmap64.sys IOmanager violation displayed on the win 10 BSOD.

Additional Information

GPU Tweak is not needed my system runs fine and is more stable without it. Its worth a try. I hope this is not an issue for anyone else.

my graphics card is an EVGA NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB

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