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Certain models get stuck on wrong resolution LOD
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Certain models seem to get stuck on distant resolution LODs when first loaded into the game. Once instantiated, the model will remain locked on that res LOD, and will not change even after switching to a new mission. The only thing that fixes it is to relaunch the game and hope that the model is not bugged when you load it again. It happens very rarely, but affects only a select few weapons very consistently. It happens with default Arma 3 (no mods loaded) and with mods as well.

Weapons consistently affected:
-GM6 Lynx:
-M320 LRR:

I've also been told that the Vermin SMG used to suffer from this issue and was fixed, but I've never encountered it myself.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch Arma 3
  2. Enter virtual arsenal or Eden editor
  3. Check all weapons (happens probably < 10% of the time)
Additional Information

I noticed the issue started happening slightly before the time the Apex expansion was released, between the time when retextureable proxies were introduced + the poly limit was removed from O2 and the introduction of the new LOD blending/fading tech in Apex. Over at Red Hammer Studios, we thought the issue possibly had something to do with hiddenSelectionsMaterials due to the fact that hiddenSelectionsMaterials almost always breaks when the LOD issue happens and most of the things we have that make use of it suffer from the LOD issue as well, but we have been unable to fix our content that has this issue thus far.

RHS content affected:
-M4 Block II and Mk. 18:
-Mk. 11 Mod 0
-M1A1/A2 Abrams MBT: (this was on May 11, 2016. Before the new Apex LOD blending tech. This was after proxies were removed from the model due to the removal of the O2 poly limit. First time I encountered the issue.)

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I noticed (Stable branch, 1.64) that in the case of the m320, it can move up 1 lod when it's stuck on the lowest, if you drop it and move far away then come back. But after scrolling through the VA and coming back, it was on the lowest lod again. So lod order is being randomly reversed on some weapons, some of the time?

If nothing is wrong with the p3d, perhaps the model.cfg is causing this? Because we (RHS) are experiencing it with various weapons, but not others, and have been looking at p3d and finding no connection between what causes this bug. Due to the randomness it is hard to test changes, as it only occurs some of the time, for some weapons.

Another Vanilla Apex model found affected:

it should be fixed in current update of devbranch.

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