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Headless client issue with AI being naked, and some what broken.
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We are at mission making stage, and running into so many issues with Remote AI.
Please dedicated some time for us as we have coders that been coding from Flashpoint days :)


Operating System
Windows 7
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Here is repo mission

Spawn some ai on headless client and you will see some ai will have no gun on uniform, as soon as you kill them everything will appear on dead body gun and uniform.

Additional Information

Also watch the RPT as when you spawn remote AI there will be tons of errors like

21:50:00 Server: Object 2:797 not found (message Type_93)
21:50:00 Server: Object 2:796 not found (message Type_93)
21:50:00 Server: Object 2:839 not found (message Type_93)
21:50:00 Server: Object 2:838 not found (message Type_93)
21:50:00 Server: Object 2:746 not found (message Type_93)
21:50:00 Server: Object 2:745 not found (message Type_93)
21:50:00 Server: Object 2:740 not found (message Type_93)
21:50:00 Server: Object 2:739 not found (message Type_93)

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Thank you very much for the ticket.

If you know of a forum thread where users would like to contribute with their info about the issue feel free to share the link to it.

We've been running our PvE server with 2 HCs since January 2018 and never observed such problems.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

adminofpsnet added a comment.EditedOct 29 2019, 4:58 AM

I still see it from time to time, their not naked anymore but have no gear and when you shoot them all the gear instantly shows

Groove_C added a comment.EditedOct 29 2019, 5:43 AM

@adminofpsnet, playing everyday on our server (2 HCs), observing bots as admin and they ALWAYS have their gear. No need to shoot at them for gear to appear. Have never observed such issue since January 2018, despite observing bots really a lot. So...

Your mission is probably not coded to use hc correctly

It's coded correctly, otherwise it wouldn't have connected to the server, offloaded the server from managing bots and bots wouldn't have performed actions required and the mission would have had problems.

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The issue is still active in the current version of Arma. I did extensive debugging on the topic and it's quite easy reproduce. This can be avoided (not fixed) with proper way of handling the moving of group(s) to HC.

  • Create a group
  • Set a creation time in a variable for the group
  • Spawn units to the group.
  • Before moving the group (not the units!) to the HC, wait N-seconds. N=10 should be enough, but to be sure I used N=30.

For some reason the group is not 'ready' from Arma point of view. The group kind of needs to stabilize (?) on the server before handing it over to HC.

There should be a way to check that the group is 'stabilized' - not sure what Arma is doing with the group after creation. The fix should be such that Arma prohibits moving of groups that are not ready to be moved.