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Why the Heck always spawn where NOTHING is
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i dont get it.. i always spawn near berezino, dont matter where i died

and WH the Heck are helicrash sites ONLY in north and west? there is NO reason why this should be

please put this also onto east and south! and make more spawns NEAR some locations where yo ucan find something

always the same, really there is no sense why it should be like it is now

BTW: nice to see that my suggestion from some years ago are now in the release (spawn zombs with different wearable outfits ;)


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Windows 7
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play the game

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e_xil created this task.Sep 4 2016, 7:54 PM
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Hello e_xil and thank you for the feedback provided.
The spawn system should be randomised and spawn characters along the coast - in case you are experiencing issue with respawning at the same spot all the time, create a separate ticket containing all available information and reproduction steps to the issue. The helicrash spawn-points are currently set up to reflect our design choices and it is intended for them to be where they are now. As for the issue with the loot around the spawn areas, the spawn areas are frequently looted by the spawning players, which may result in the item scarcity on the coast. Keep in mind though, that the game is still in alpha state and that many things are going to be changed,tweaked or completely removed until the final release of the game.

Please, keep your interactions under the bug reports on topic - do not post comments unrelated to the issue itself.


e_xil added a comment.Sep 5 2016, 8:54 PM

jea it is "randomised" but still the very most respawns i had near berezino, and there is so little to loot, AND there is very few people BECAUSE theres nothing good to loot

and still, why are no helicrash sites near that location (berezino)?? the only reason could be that the devs like to let the fresh spawns run minutes over minutes to get to a location where there is good loot - this makes n o sense

that makes no sense, AND its not realistic, why should helis crashes just west, and why are JUST there the FAT buuildings with fat loot? theres no real reason besides the devs like to let people run like some morons :(

Hello there,
Anyone and everyone, with whom presses "I understand" each time we all choose to play this game, please know your roll.
Our roll is to help devs test the game.
As far as I can see, this page is not a forum for opinions, those can probably be heard on another.
We should stay positive and consice here.
Thank you kindly for the work you are doing devs.