limping animations errors
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in Arma 3 v1.62.137494

  • if you stand-limp forward and press the inventory key, your character will kneel then go to standing inventory animation immediately (no transition). when you restart moving, he will play kneel-to-stand animation immediately.

in Arma 3 beta v1.65.138105

  • if you stand-limp diagonally Forward-Left, your character will "reset" to the original position
  • if you stand-limp Forward-Left, Forward or Forward-Right and press "Lie Down" (Z by default) your character will jump then get to the ground.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

in Arma 3 v1.62.137494

  • player setDamage 0.5
  • go forward
  • press Inventory key

in Arma 3 beta v1.65.138105
issue 1

  • player setDamage 0.5
  • move forward-left

issue 2

  • player setDamage 0.5
  • move forward-right
  • press Lie Down key
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beta issue #1 has been fixed in v138285 (see devBranch Changelog)

inventory key bug and jump bug to go!

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Also in current dev build 1.65.138285:
Limping AI sometimes vault/jump into the air when they stop walking (to change directions)
To reproduce:

  • Create mission with a group of AI moving between waypoints, in Safe mode, at limited speed. Make sure the group does not have a medic.
  • Name the group aiGroup.
  • preview mission
  • execute: {_x setdamage 0.5} forEach units aiGroup

(may need to do this twice, as they heal first time)

  • watch

Hi Ceeeb,
I think the issue you describe here may be related to the beta issue #2. It should be reproducible with player controlled soldiers.

Also, beta issue #1 hasn't been solved in latest (138285) build, it is only said so in the changelog. I will check on a later build as it may have been due to some internal logistical issue.

Hello guys, thanks for the feedback.

Beta #1 indeed still seems to be an issue, going to look into that :)

Limping AI - as mentioned by @LouMontana, most likely caused by the beta #2 issue, will keep an eye on it just in case, thanks :)

All the issues can be found in v1.65.138345, I edit the bug description.

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issue should be now fixed in the Steam Dev, could you please try to check it out and confirm?

Thanks :)

It is (almost) fixed!

Only one more thing, when limping forward, left, forward-left, forward-right, right press INVENTORY key, your soldier will stop, kneel then switchMove to a stopped standing-up inventory position. Almost there!

Thanks for the confirmation, the issue with the inventory is still in progress and will make its way to the dev and stable later.

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