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Usabillity of UAVs / UGVs Feature Request and Bugs
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Dear Arma 3 Dev Team,

A little while ago i started to use UAVs/UGVs and saw some difficulties about the Steering of a lot of Drones. Because Arma 3 is an Simulation Platform for the Modern Warfare and drones have a big place in Modern Warfare i started to write here about tweaks problems and maybe solutions to one of the keys of War even in Arma.

I wanted to start with the problem and solutions which could be made sorted by the diffrent vehicles.

Quadcopter General:
Problems with Lasering Targets in Autohover waving around of the quadcopter (mostly found in Servermissions same for the Blackfoot)
Severity: Minor
Reproducability: Random
Fix: Unknown because of the Randomnes maybe refinery of the Autohover script.

Falcon MQ-12:
If Destroyed while flying UAV into ground, Terminal can't connect to other Uavs because you count as an enemy.
Severity: Major
Reproducibility: Always
Fix: Some changes in the behaviour there don't know how your team Named it maybe the Teamkilling.

MQ-4A CAS General:
It won't put the Laser on Target for precise bombing of a Tank or something else even if you marked it.
Severity: Tweak?
Reproducibility: Always
Fix: Behaviour Change of the UAV Gunner

MQ-4A (Predator) General:
There is not really a good circle funktion. If you put for waypoints down and let the drone repeat it it will hard turn at each end. (this would be for survilliance an good option)
Severity: Tweak
Reproducibility: Always
Idea/Fix: Make a real soft circle funktion with diffrent diameters from the mid point where it was placed.

Stomper General:
Diffrent Control over Driving and gunning. Think about a Console with two Joysticks one Gun with shooting Button, one Driving with Turbo and a Videofeed in the middle at least i would plan the manual Control for the Stomper like that. (look at Pic. 1)
Severity: Tweak
Reproducibility: Unable to Reproduce

UAVs / UGVs General:
Make them usable for 2 Persons one Gunner one Pilot / Driver makes Bombing and shooting with Rockets really precise also let's the UAV steer diffrent.
Severity: Feature
Reproducibility: Unable to Reproduce

Add as Gunner / Pilot if someone would steer it alone some acctions which are executed over 3rd or first person makes the UAV more Accessible. (moving or Attack)
Severity: Feature
Reproducibility: Unable to Reproduce

Make it easier to plan Attacks with UAVs its not really great to switch everytime between Gunner and Pilot / Driver if you are alone.
Severity: Feature
Reproducibility: Unable to Reproduce

It could happen that i add more to the List but that shouldn't be a problem.

I just wanted to bring you the ideas near with mind pictures of controls. It is clear that you can't implement original Steerings of UAVs but you could make them more Accessible then they wouldn't be so much Gun food and wouldn't stay on the Garage instead of the Skys and Roads.

Pic. 1


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Try using a UAV in missions with multiple ideas, do also check Description for Bug reproduces.

Additional Information

This is a list of a lot of things which would make the UAV better so it's a bigger list.
Bugs Tweaks and Features.

I am very sorry to ask that much but it would bring one game element which is still in the background into the foreground.

If there are any Questions to the Designing Idea let it be known and i try to help to think about them. Feel free to Contact me.
For the Devs from the Players. Make Arma not War!!! And keep on the good work.

Arma Version when Ticket was Created: 1.62.137494

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