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[1.62] kickClientsOnSlowNetwork server.cfg parameter does not work
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In SPOTREP #00058 it says under ENGINE:

Added: New #maxPing, #maxPacketLoss and #maxDesync commands for server administrators
Added: A new #disconnectTimeout command for server administrators, and maxPing, maxPacketLoss and maxDesync support in server.cfg
Added: A new kickClientsOnSlowNetwork parameter for the server.cfg (enabled by default), documentation:

However, if one adds any of the above parameters into their server.cfg file the kickClientsOnSlowNetwork command will not kick any player whose connection exceeds the max[Command] thresholds nor will it output a warning message to the console or RPT log file.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Add the following into a server.cfg file:
maxPing=x;                      // {threshold in miliseconds}
maxDesync=x;                    // {threshold number}
                                // Note: maxDesync maximal detected value is 100k (100000) and thus also max value for definition.
maxPacketloss=x;                // {percents (0 to 100)}
kickClientsOnSlowNetwork=1;     //maxPing/maxDesync/maxPacketloss/disconnectTimeout commands will log warnings and kick clients
  1. a. Replace x with a value.
  2. Start a dedicated server.
  3. Join the server and spawn into the game.
  4. Note that you will not be kicked for exceeding the maxPing, maxDesync, or maxPacketloss thresholds, and no warnings will be written to the RPT log file.
Additional Information

See also:
SPOTREP #00058
Arma 3 STABLE server 1.62 "performance binary" feedback - post #1519

Launcher version: 1.5.137506

Game version: 1.62.137494

Branch: main / beta branch not specified

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Using kickClientsOnSlowNetwork[] = { 1, 1, 1, 1 }; as per Arma 3 STABLE server 1.62 "performance binary" feedback - post #1519 causes the following to be output to the server RPT log file:

Warning Message: 'kickClientsOnSlowNetwork/' is not a value

Using kickClientsOnSlowNetwork=1; (old syntax) does not cause any messages to be output to the server RPT log file.

Either way maxPing kicks do not work.

DarkSilencerZA added a subscriber: DarkSilencerZA.EditedSep 1 2016, 8:14 PM

Update to this: Works for me.

RPT Log:

19:07:52 Kicking player name='FTS Ryizo' ID=356135145, steamID=76561198223489592. Ping too high (596/ 300 ms)

Jawsh added a comment.Sep 2 2016, 4:20 PM


maxPing=50;                     // {threshold in miliseconds}
maxDesync=1;               // {threshold number}
                                // Note: maxDesync maximal detected value is 100k (100000) and thus also max value for definition.
maxPacketloss=1;               // {percents (0 to 100)}
disconnectTimeout = 20;         // Server wait time before disconnecting client, default 90 seconds, range 5 to 90 seconds. (since Arma 3 1.56+)
kickClientsOnSlowNetwork[]={1,1,1,1};     //<MaxPing>, <MaxPacketLoss>, <MaxDesync>, <DisconnectTimeout> log and kick clients outside defined limits. 0 = log, 1 = log & kick.

disconnectTimeout seems to still use the default (90). Although, unlike before, there was no Warning Message: 'kickClientsOnSlowNetwork/' is not a value in the server RPT log file.

Launcher version: 1.5.138010

Game version: 1.64.138137 (26-08-2016)

Branch: rc

This appears to be working for me as of version 1.64.138310 (09-09-2016) RC as I was kicked for "Desync too high".

Although the arma3server RPT and console output will indicate the reason for the client being kicked, the client themselves will only see a generic kick message and thus they will not know why they were kicked from the server.

Would it be possible for the user-end kick message to include the same details that would be output to the log files?

What the client sees:

You were kicked from the server.

What the RPT and console logs may say:

XX:XX:XX Kicking player name='XXX' ID=XXXXXXXXXX, steamID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. [Desync/Ping] too high (x/ x)

Dwarden added a subscriber: Dwarden.EditedSep 19 2016, 6:45 AM

the feature isn't finished in main branch stable binaries
it's still work in progress (actual state seen in performance binaries in profiling branch)
it's not part of 1.64.RC either, only profiling / development branch ...