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Eden variable name accepts commands
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While you can't name entities in Eden player, you can name them Player (or any other variation with uppercase letters) which pretty much breaks all scripts that use the player command. Since the SQF interpreter searches through variable names before it searches through command names, and since it's is case insensitive, it returns the trigger instead of the player. The same principle applies to all other commands and is especially fun with call and spawn.

This is probably a good time to request a case insensitive in command again, with which you could easily filter the variable name input field without any need to use toLower.


Operating System
Windows 10
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  • Start Eden on any map
  • Place down a trigger and name it Player
  • Press "Play Scenario"
  • Enjoy
Additional Information

I was able to crash the game once with this, but couldn't replicate it afterwards without mods. The crash occured when you returned to Eden.

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Thank you for the feedback. Issue should soon be fixed in development branch and later in the main/stable branch.

@razazel or @Astaroth: thank your for the quick fix. I noticed that Eden also accepts naming multiple entities the same when you use uppercase letters. Since it's kind of the same issue, would that also be fixed or should I create a new ticket?

@BaerMitUmlaut no need for that, the comment you have posted will do (since it's similar issue), thanks :)

So that one should be fixed as well in the next development branch update (and again later in main/stable).
Should you come across any other issue, please let us know.

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Hey @razazel, I've found another pretty bad issue regarding Eden missions which is related to the custom attributes, would you mind taking a look?

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