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Connecting failed when trying to connect to Bohemia's Apex servers
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When I'm trying to connect to Bohemia's servers with Apex, it never work (maybe one or two times max). It is the only servers doing problems. The others are totally fine. So it is not a routing problem. I open Arma 3 with no mods, and I did the local file check. I'm not having beta. So... why?


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Tried to connect to Apex servers for official bohemia. Get a connecting failed, before the mission starts to load.

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thank you for the feedback.

Are you having trouble connecting to all of the official servers or only some of them or are you having trouble connecting only to Coop Campaign servers.
If you are having trouble connecting to a single or a limited amount of servers, please tell us which servers those are.

Thank you

Thanks for the answer. For what I tried now, all the coop officials servers don't work for me, and the Zeus and Endgame worked well. I had only the EU in the list, but the other day, I had USA, and it didn't work neither.

My problem is still active... Please help.