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Hash mismatch between windows clinet and linux server.
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When using the same mod downloaded from the same source on a windows client and a Linux server it shows a red circle on the multi player server browser screen on the client side.

Looking at the log files, despite using the same package on both systems, all mods that have a red circle on the client have different hash codes in the log files from the client and server.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

download form the ACE web site and Install ACE 3.6.2 on windows machine and Linux server. Run the game.

Full set of mods:


ACE, ASR AI3, task force radio and ares all show red dot on the "server browser" windows on the windows client. Other mods work fine.

Additional Information

An example:

On windows client:

Advanced Combat Environment 3.6.2 | @Ace | false | GAME DIR | 18f4680ca5a0d570031d708550083df0f2a09764 | 4d9a9c70 |

On Linux server:

Advanced Combat Environment 3.6.2 | @Ace | false | GAME DIR | e548861f5e336449de80c391daadbbd9f2dfa639 | c035ea1

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