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Still Getting "Arma 3 Has Exited in an Unusual Manner"
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Look Dev's I've reported this A Year ago, I've Given you Every RPT and Crash Report, and yet You have still not fixed this Issue, Nor have you given me any feed back either! Now that Apex is out, and I own it I can't even play it because of this Damned Error. Please Get on This NOW. This Is B.S. Long Time Supporter of this Game Bought Every DLC Day of Release Through Bohemia and Not Steam Have over 3,0000 hours logged and double the Non Logged Hours. Dump File's Attached System Specs Here

Get RPT Dumps Here


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Windows 10 x64
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Game Crash
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Does Not Matter Game Single Player or Hosting, Just Randomly Happens But Happens. Usually right when I'm getting ready to Kill AI Bots and Or Players on a Server

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thank you for the feedback and the crashdumps, we will look into them immediately.

Now as for the crash, the error code indicates you are getting a pretty generic error that might be caused by great many things.
First of all, please try to run the game without any mods and see whether the situation gets better. When running game with higher number of mods, it is possible game will crash because of a collision between them.

Other than that, here are few things that are worth trying (if you already haven't done so already)

Should any of that help, please let me know.


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No Mods Are on Except the ones For Arma 3 DLC's, It Seems To Fail to write to Memory and then crashes and gives me that Error above getting really tired of loosing progress in the game. As far as the link goes It says to uninstall C++ However this is a problem I have them from 2005 for other games as well as software So I see This as a Big Problem to try to uninstall this as well as the fact that it is on your end of the game and is just failure on your guy's part to fix the code.

Another Crash again at least this time I finished the round before it did it, I also Screen shot the Error Message. Screenshot is in the Zipped Report Here

Once again Still Getting The Same Crashes as Well as Getting A New One Now, While Hosting a Co-Op of Apex Campaign. Really Getting Tired of loosing progress.


I'm adding a side note, So far removing all launch parameters as well as not using any in the Arma 3 Launcher has Strongly Reduced the Crash by 85% I was getting a crash at least every game type I played including Scenarios, Campaign, and Even None Modded Games When I hosted. I've only had one crash while on a King Of The Hill Server. and the crashed happened just at the end of the game. Hopefully this info can guide you to the culprit error.

Thank you for the heads up and the crashdumps :)

Okay, While I had Reduced the Crashes by 75% to 85%, I was still getting them. However I started running different advanced launch options to see if I could figure out maybe why this was happening. The Configuration I have found has shown me that Memory usage keeps building up till memory runs out. To Do This Go To Control Panel, Administrative Tools, System Configuration, on the Boot Tab, Select "Advanced Options" Tick Max Memory, System should place the correct Number in the field. Apply This and Restart the System. Now On Fresh Boot Open Arma 3 Launcher Go to "Parameters" and Click Advanced at Top, Now Click Plus Sign next to Advanced as Well in this List. Now If you are Running an i7 quad core, Then Just Check these 2 Options Only "Enable Hyper-Treading" , "Malloc' and in the Drop Down Box next to it Choose "Windows Allocator System" Then Fire Up Arma 3 and Play something that will take Time, Now when you start off the memory usage is normal around 3 to 4 gig's, However after about 30 to 40 min, I noticed that I was using over 9 Gig's of my system Ram. For Me not a Big Deal 16 Gig's, However I continued to play and checked my Task Manger again to see how much ram I was using, with just a little over an hour of game play I had been using 14 gig's and my system usually uses only around 2 to 3 on it's own. The Server I was on was going to restart so I was not able to force the message again. However This Sheds some light on the real problem, somewhere in the scripts that are held in Memory are not actually being removed if triggered, or this is just bad Scripting. Yet This was Breaking Point Server, and I have had this Error and Crash not just in the new Apex Campaign, but as well as in King Of The Hill. Please Investigate this and Try my Confige maybe we can get rid of this Crash once and For All

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