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Primary Weapon Gone After Revive
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i am playing arma 3 now for 200+ hrs and lost very often my primary gun after being revived. no matter wether laying on ground, within a house or a tower or where ever. happens when i play sector control mulitplayer, no mods, APEX DLC


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

die and get revived a couple of times in a round

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could you please tell me what game mode are you playing when this is happening?

Is it one of the official ones or are you playing a community made mission or game mode?

goughdc added a subscriber: goughdc.EditedNov 20 2016, 5:09 PM

This is a known issue occurring very frequently in Sa-Matra Wasteland servers and KingOfTheHill servers.
New as of the last scripting engine update I believe.
It is not clear to me if it is map scripting related or not, but if you can provide any assistance as to how to correct it would be appreciated.

The bug is very crippling to the Wasteland game mode and server populations are suffering.

@goughdc Seems unfortunately to be Wasteland and KotH specific, were you able to observe anything similar in official MP content using the revive (End Game, Apex Protocol campaing,...)?

Actually in rare cases the vanilla revive puts your weapon on the back. Workaround: switch firemode

Spoke with C4G server admin Roidrage and they are confident the issue is related to Wastland by Sa-Matra scripting. This issue can likely be closed.

Actually in rare cases the vanilla revive puts your weapon on the back. Workaround: switch firemode

In the Sa-Matra servers the launcher and main weapon are disappearing entirely. If this slightly different issue began recently it could be the related to why the map script needs updated.