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digi error device removed and status access violation crash
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I have a similar problem about every hour and a half I drop to 3-4 frames and either get a crash report or my computer black screens and I'm forced to shut down my computer. I have redownloaded redistrubutional 2013 (86x), updated video card, updated windows, command prompt system check, and also a steam integrity check of arma, still nothing.


Operating System
Windows 10
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

digi error device removed

status access violation

The videos are to large to upload here these are two 10 min videos of the crashes uploaded on youtube.

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Also I am running vanilla, I have mods but not using them. My next step is gonna try to update my motherboard, but I doubt that will fix it.

I got a new error message of error hang, I'm linking a drop box link with a more organized and complete list of error reports and I will send more as I get more crashes. I also have video of the error hang crash if necessary, it seems to happen when I'm in a jet more then usual.

Error hang Crash

status access violation

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thank you for the feedback.

To deal with this issue we need more info. For starters, please upload you Arma 3 Troubleshooting Report file here.

Next we mind need some specific info that you need to gather by following these few steps:

- Switch to latest Arma 3 "profiling branch" - Steam Branches <>
- Go into "Arma 3" directory in Steam and rename "arma3profiling.exe" to "arma3.exe" (Launcher and BattlEye are expecting that one).
- Launch game and start playing.
- Press together {L SHIFT} + {NUM -} (NUM Minus) and release them - Help <>
- Then just type "frame" (as with any other cheat mentioned in the Help)
- Should a dialogue stating it was successful appear, select "COPY ALL" (third button at the bottom row).
- Data should be copied to clip board so paste them (CTRL+V) anywhere you want (e.g. create a new txt file on desktop and paste the info there)

Once you have those files, please upload them here (or, if you encounter any trouble with that, to some free file sharing service and post the link here).

Thank you very much

few questions as I am not able to use the frame cheat, all of the other cheats provided in the help link work besides the one you provided.

Profiling branch transfer successful no problem

going into my Arma directory and switching "arma3profiling.exe" to "arma3.exe" There already is an arma3.exe so when I renamed "arma3profiling.exe"it became arma3.exe (2) by default is that okay?

I followed the steps to launch and start playing

  1. where do I have to be to use the frame cheat? Menu, In multiplayer game, in single player game?
  2. when do I input the cheat, before I enter a game? while in a game? or after a crash?

arma 3 troubleshooting reports you asked for

Arma Troubleshoot Reports


so when renaming the arma3profiling.exe to arma3.exe, first rename already present arma3.exe (e.g. arma3.exe.backup).
That way it will be named properly (this however should not be the problem but just in case).

Now, the cheat should be used during gameplay, and most importantly (I did not mention it before as I did not know it back then), you need to use it during the FPS or freezing. Once the game starts to misbehave, then you use the cheat. You should be able to use it in both, MP and SP.

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had a hiccup I did the frame thing

frame log

Thank you for these :) Will look into them.


thank you for the feedback you have provided in this matter.

As progress in this case is moving forward, we are trying to pinpoint the cause, which unfortunately means yet another intel.

A new profiling was published, rev. 137737, that will help us get more precise info about the issue.

Most of the performed steps are still the same, almost every of them only two things change:

  • needs to be the latest profiling branch rev. 137737
  • this time include also the rpt file from the session

Once you have those, ZIP them and attach them here again. One might be enough, more of those are most certainly welcome (please make sure to have corresponding rpt as well).

Thank you

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