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VTOL Blackfish(Armed) AI engagement pattern wrong wrong.
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Just a small issue with standard AI controlling the Blackfish, instead of entering an orbiting pattern to put the side guns to bear, the AI instead treats the Blackfish as a traditional attack helicopter/fighter by doing a "strafing run" style attack which makes it's side firing weapons completely obsolete.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a player in command of a Blackfish(armed) VTOL with AI
  2. Create an enemy to engage (I have mine set to no fire and careless for test purposes)
  3. Tell the Blackfish to engage one of the enemy contacts.
  4. Watch the Blackfish "dance"

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crs24 added a subscriber: crs24.Jul 11 2016, 11:38 PM

I tested the same issue for a different reason and can verify your results. I took the role of the target and tried to get attacked by a fully AI-controlled Blackfish with 100% skill rating for all crew members. They didn't fire at me even once, not that they did a good job of pointing at me either. My report is here:

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You can make an AI-manned blackfish attack targets like so:

Split the pilot to a different squad from his gunners
Give the pilot a loiter waypoint on your target, make his combat mode careless so he won't attack targets head on.
Make sure the gunners are in a separate squad and their combat mode is not careless (otherwise they won't shoot)

nmdanny, could you elaborate on the method you've proposed? Are you speaking specifically of setting things up in the mission editor, or is there some way to do all that in-game via Zeus (and probably the Ares/Achilles mod)?

While the issue of dive bombing attacks will more than likely never be resolved in A3, one small tweak to the Blackfish sensor suite can greatly help from my testing. Please look at removing the radar and adding the man sensor aligned along one of the guns axis. With the whole squad set to careless and open fire, the AI will actually spot targets, when using a loiter waypoint, and engage. The removal of the radar means when there is vehicles around the pilot wont shit itself and start to dive bomb it, but vehicles will still be targets without the radar.