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Loot Still Not Right - Loot Explosion
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Hi, loot is still partially broken but at least is spawning over the entire server uptime this time. There are loot explosions in many places I have noticed.

Red 2 story houses - Each one has about 8 balaclavas and 5 bandanas in the room with the bed
Inland Police stations - Have 2 glocks but about 25 mags for glocks
Small log house with blue trim - Usually has about 5 guns in the corner all on top of each other
Green guard shacks - Rarely spawn guns and mostly spawns 3-4 shovels and 4-5 glowsticks

The chicken coop near NWAF (south of tent city) usually has about 2-3 hunting backpacks most of the time on some servers.
Gorka helmet is not spawning but the visor is - usually about 5-6 of them in police stations
Winchester ammo is a little too rare - I know this is subjective but its true. Should be slightly more common. There is no reason that most of the time you find a b95 in hunting stands and houses with scopes only to have no ammo most of the time either increases the amount of other guns or the ammo.
Low quality guns rarely spawn (rak,mp5,ak skorp) they need to be increased as most of the time you find nothing but shovels and glow sticks were they spawn.
Mosin ammo is a little too rare still.


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I know a lot of this sounds subjective, but I feel that y'all have neglected the lower quality guns way too much. No one is going to pickup a rak, mp5, skorpion when they can just go to the airfield/tents/military bases and get a fully decked out ak/m4/aug/svd in no time at all with tons of clips, ammo, and scopes. I can understand sniper rifles, but the other stuff just seems silly. Took me days to fully assemble a scorpion and mp5, and they aren't even that good when compared to the easily obtainable assault rifles.

If you need screenshots as proof let me know I will see what I can do.

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TeamDeer created this task.Jun 24 2016, 9:44 PM

I havent seen UMP mags on 0.60, and seen just one UMP itself.

I can confirm that UMP mags ARE spawning in this version. Found two of them at helicrash sites.

@Geez hi :)

May be close this ticket like obsolete