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Vehicles Not Persistent(After Hotfix)
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We're getting a lot of reports of vehicles disappearing after put together and then hidden is secluded spots. This has happened on well populated servers as well as our low pop whitelisted servers where it is highly unlikely they're stolen.

This is even after the recent patch put out during Wednesdays(22/06/16) maintenance period.
I have also seen posts on Reddit about the issue

We're with gaming Deluxe and have servers in AU, Central US and the UK.

JMan (


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Windows 10 x64
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We've had several people testing various things on our hive to make sure they're working properly and after the patch some tasked themselves with vehicle persistence. Some with overheating, which we have posted in a separate report.

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Tested with friend too.
After restart car has disappeared(public hive)

Three nights ago we found a offroad on the EU server ( in this location on the map (21.45/55.01, just west of Lopatino), it was only missing 3 wheels. It was late so we decided we would leave it and fix it the next day, but the next day when we returned it was gone and we figured someone had taken it. I was there again last night (23/06) and the car was back missing the exact same parts, i went to my camp for around an hour and returned to it being gone again and there was only one other player on the server at the time. It seems like this car dissapears/shows up all the time just randomly.

Found a lada on the HIHB HC AU Server in at the 21.45/55.01 spawn (same as Xstract). I fixed the car up and drove it around a bit, before parking it 1/50 approximately, facing north, on a fairly flat ground and logged off at approximately 6:30PM AEDT time. When I came back later that night at 10:30PM AEDT time, the car was no longer there and was nowhere near (and thus had not been moved due to sliding or anything of that kind). This was done on the latest patch, which was released Wednesday. The Lada had 2 - 3 items in it and did previously survive a server restart.

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