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ENVG-II is blocking the sight in first person if you are wearing the Special Purpose Suit
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If you equip an ENVG-II in combination with the Special Purpose Suit and use either the night vision or FLIR mode it blocks your vision in the first person perspective.

The normal NVGs (Compact NVGs and NV Goggles) come down in third person and there is nothing on your screen in first person, but the ENVG-II comes down in third person but it also comes down in first person and is blocking your entire screen.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Version 1511
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the Arsenal
  1. Choose the Uniform tab and equipt the Special Purpose Suit
  1. Choose the NVGs tab and equip the ENVG-II
  1. Press the "Try" button and switch through the night vision and FLIR mode in first person
Additional Information

The same happens if you are using additional uniforms from CUP and RHS mods in combination with the ENVG-II.

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this bug also appears if you are wearing the Special Purpose Suit (Green Hex) & Special Purpose Suit (Hex).

I have modified your ticket to give the developers and feedback tracker users a better overview and an easy way to reproduce the issue with vanilla (unmodified) content.

Please be aware that the developers of Arma 3 are not responsible for issues with modified content (CUP & RHS). It is better to get in contact with the authors of the mods to solve such kind of issues. But maybe there is just some weird code with the ENVG-II glasses that can be solved easily by the devs of Arma 3.

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The error persists after the update 1.64

Bug still exists. Blocks vision when in first person, as described.

@Afgfighter Old repro still valid? I am having trouble reproducing the issue, seems to work fine.

It does not happen all the time so it may take a few tries to reproduce. Happened to me both while using an LRPS scope and while using a pistol in first-person camera.

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